My Favourite Life

March 2, 2007

So Busy

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So, I was too busy to write about the previous night’s anal sex. Out of the blue—she had been talking with her anally-oriented girlfriend—, she said she wanted to take anal sex. Surprise. It had been a while since we had enjoyed any back door action. Even more interesting is the lack of preparation she usually insists upon. On her back, she propped herself up by placing a couple of pillows under her ass. This makes for convenient eating. After I ate her until she came—and she was VERY horny—, and then prepared her ass. It didn’t take too much, as her ass is usually more ready after she has cum anyway, and I easily slipped my cock into her tight ass. It was wonderful. She broke out her vibrator, while I pumped her ass. It was hard to delay my orgasm, but she wanted me to wait for her second orgasm. In the end, I couldn’t hold out any longer, but then she got herself off with my cock still in her ass. All in all, it worked out just fine.

Personally, I don’t like her friend, but I told her as long as this keeps up, she should keep in touch. Crossing my fingers…

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