My Favourite Life

March 8, 2007

Milestones and Ramblings

I don’t have much to add today except to mention that Akismet has caught 700 spam messages on this blog. Is that a good thing?


I was just reading through some other blogs and thinking how I miss the way the bedroom was arranged in our previous residence. We used to have a massage chair next to the bed. It made a convenient sex platform. One of my favourite thing was for her to recline in the chair, hooking her legs wide open providing almost perfect access to her pussy. If I were to have designed it myself, I would have made a concave area to provide even better access—more like stirrups. In any case, she loved it, too. When she was shaven, there was nothing better, and what a sight to behold. It allowed her to get into a comfortable position—not that laying on the bed is uncomfortable.

It was OK for blowjobs, too. For fucking, I have to admit it wasn’t so great. Another thing I miss is our last bed. We got a new one, but the last one was nice and high. It was a perfect height for her to lean over so I could fuck her from behind or in the ass. Now, I am not a huge fan of fucking while standing, but for a change it is nice. Unfortunately, our new bed is too low to be much of a sex prop, and instead of the massage chair, we now have a sofa. It’s just not the same.

I need a blowjob tonight. deepthroat would be better, but I am not sure I’ll get either. It’s been too long since I have had my cock all the way down her throat. She needs to be in the mood for it. I’ll just have to wait it out.

She has been pretty stressed about things lately, and these stresses cut into our intimate time. Last night it cut off the possibility of sex. We usually start sex with a massage—well, she gets one anyway. Last night, I brought out the massage oils and such. (We haven’t used the massage table in a while, and again we just used the bed.) She came in from another room and said flatly, “You are going to give me a massage? I hope you aren’t expecting sex.” COLD SHOWER words. Ouch! “That’s OK,” I responded, though it really wasn’t. I thought—hope against hope—that she might warm up and change her mind. I have to admit I do enjoy massaging her—more of a back-rub, really. Of course we are both nude. I love to feel the slick oil between my hands and skin.

I take my time massaging her ass. The other night, I spend more time than usual on her ass. To be honest, I oiled her ass up substantially, and really massaged her asshole. She likes that. She especially likes it when I relax her ass enough to take a finger or two. But she was stressed this night, too. She said, “I hope you aren’t expecting to fuck me in the ass tonight.” I told her I wasn’t expecting it, but if she were to offer….

Sorry to digress. Her skin beneath my hands. Long slow strokes. I like to straddle her ass while I massage her back. I also like to position my cock between her ass cheeks. Vicarious thrill, I suppose. I get off her when I am through, signally so, and I lay beside her. Typically, she will roll over to signify she is done, too. Sometimes she wants more—or her legs or feet. Sometimes she wants me to massage her front, though not often. This usually means a face massage, but of course it also means her breasts and pussy are exposed. I think every guy enjoys kneeding amble breasts, and so do I—feeling her nipples harden with my touch, gently rolling and pinching them between my thumb and forefinger—and of course my mouth and tongue.

Once I get to her pussy, the massage is all but over. I might start to massage her clit until she asks me to go down on her, which is the cue I have been waiting for from the start. After I go down on her and she cums, it is my turn to cum. We usually have already decided how that will work. Obviously, the choices are pretty well determined and limited, right? I mean I have her pussy, mouth, and ass. Perhaps I could extend the choices to her hand (or mine, god-forbid) or her breasts, which we haven’t done in years if my memory serves me correctly. Sometimes this hasn’t been predetermined, so she lets me know what her interest is. This usually comes in the form of “just fuck me,” or “do you want me to suck your cock?” less often, yet recently, was when she decided she needed a cock to fill her ass. Other times, I just start fucking her until I cum inside her. I have instead climbed up and stuck my cock in her mouth. Usually, this is just foreplay, though time and again I just decide not to move on. Other times she just asks if I want to finish there, in which case we’ll swap positions so I can get a “normal” blowjob, which is to say with me on my back and her between my legs.

Less frequently than I prefer, I start by fucking her pussy, but I want to cum in her mouth. One night I wanted a blowjob but she said she was too tired for that but I could fuck her. So as a compromise I suggested we fuck until I was ready to cum, and then the last stroke or two would be in her mouth where I came. It worked fine enough, except right before I cum changing positions is not the best thing to do.

Well, these rambling need to come to an end, but I was reminded of one more thing. I had an anally-oriented girlfriend who liked me to cum in her ass. This was not only when I was fucking her in the ass, but even when I was fucking her pussy, she wanted the last stroke to be in her ass. This is not something I would ever do on my own—butt-fucking with almost no preparation. We would usually do it doggy style, and I would dab her asshole with lubricant. Right as I knew I was going to cum, I took the last plunge into her ass. I don’t think many sexual things are strange, but this pretty much tops the list. Of course she was also into anal fisting, so what can I say but I’ve got to go…

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