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March 16, 2007

More Search Terms

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I haven’t recaptured the search terms in a while, but I was reminded by another blog I read. These had me thinking…

accidental shaved pubes
the dangers of pussy shaving

Accidental shaved pubes? Accidental? I don’t get it. How do you shave you pubes by accident? I guess a bikini line shave might get out of hand, but accidentally shaving your pubes makes me think of something as likely as accidentally shaving your eyebrows or something. I guess the larger question is what someone is expecting to find with that query string?

And the dangers of pussy shaving? O! the humanity. Razor rash and nicks, I suppose. How dangerous could it be? Could it be more dangerous than shaving anything else? What might an expected response to this query be? clitorectomy? Hysterectomy? Christ! How dangerous could it be? I understand navigating the nooks and crannies might get hairy—OK, well, I had to say it—, but dangers? Some people have too much to worry about.

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