My Favourite Life

March 16, 2007

No Cuckolding

I am not up for cuckolding. When my first wife and I decided it just wasn’t going to work, she suggested she wanted to have MMF three-ways, but not an open marriage. Knowing the state of our marriage, I decided to agree—under the condition that we have some MFF three-ways in return. She agreed, and I went along.

Her motives were different to mine. I just wanted to go out with a bang, get some strange, and watch her with other women. The Kristen sandwiches were interesting, too. She was interested in finding a new partner and, more importantly, to feel safe while getting to know strangers. I was to be her chaperon. I could deal with that. The problem was her urgency. She wanted to get out there and find another wallet. She was just 25, so she wanted to display her wares hoping for a taker. As it turned out, she found one…but that’s for another day—and she didn’t actually find him; a girl we were hooking up with found him, but she had her own motives, too. Ah, motives.

I have to admit there were times I got jealous—not enraged, mind you: just jealous. I would get jealous when she suck some other guys cock and swallow his cum, even though would never do this in our seven years together—well, there was that once, but here, she had no problem swallowing. On the other hand, I knew she didn’t like to swallow, so in a way I enjoyed watching her whore herself. Also during our first MFM sandwich, he got the backdoor. I got it after that, but still. She was trying to impress these guys, so it was interesting to watch first hand how some women wile their way into being favoured. Little would these blokes know, that she would stop preforming some of these acts once she established herself.

The other benefit is she started experimenting with BDSM. This worked for me, too, because the other guys knew she was married and even though the marriage was now open, they felt they needed permission, which in a way they did. The reason it worked out for me is I would communicate behind the scenes and tell him to make her take anal sex while she talked with him on the phone, or to shave her pussy, or to suck my cock, or to eat some chick, or whatever. It made it all a little better. We still had sex daily, but it was a chore to get more than vaginal intercourse. This was a way around it.

As I mentioned before—and a reader said I should mention this here—, we still lived together and had sex for another six months after our divorce. Sex was not the issue in our relationship. It was just everything else. Many of the guys she was hooking up with were not local, so they could only fly in once or twice a month, and she could only manage to arrange so many encounters, almost all of them being weekend affairs. She was a woman who needed to cum a lot. She usually got herself off in the afternoon, and we would have sex in the evening. She needed sex, and I was the benefactor. I don’t think she would have been opposed to using her vibrator every time, but I guess she was comfortable with me or at least satisfied.

The very last time we had sex sucked. I believe I mention in another post, but after I ate her, she just went off saying, “Just fuck me. Hurry up and get it over with.” Well, I have to say I about lost all interest, but I was committed to fucking her. All I can say is premature ejaculation sucks. I am thankful that this was the first and only time that has ever happened. I barely got the head of my cock into her pussy and I came. Last time. Never again, and I don’t miss it.

As I have said—since I am rambling anyway—, my current wife has a great pussy, plus she gives great head and she usually swallows. Besides, Kristen couldn’t do deepthroat. Some of the in-between women weren’t so great as far as sex was concerned, but in the end, I am doing just fine. Of course, I could also ask for more. And so I do…

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