My Favourite Life

April 25, 2007

Late Weekend

What a long but nice weekend. I finally have a moment to write about it. My wife decided she wanted to make another personal role-playing video. She was a secretary looking arranging a job interview. To prepare for the interview she had to shave her pussy. This is such a labourious task, we didn’t film the entire shaving process, but she did end up with a mighty smooth pussy and enjoyed masturbating with mentholated shave cream.

Next, was the interview itself. During this interview, the “boss” handed her a 1/2 litre bottle of spring water, but it wasn’t for drinking. She was supposed to insert it into her pussy. The problem is, large objects do not fit in her pussy very well, so be had to move to Plan B. The largest thing she has ever managed was a medium-sized cucumber. No go. It didn’t work.

Now her boss decided the next skills test was to verify her deepthroat skills. I was really up for that. We discovered that deepthroat doesn’t work as well with the guy being seated, but once we repositioned ourselves, she was able to take my cock all the way down her throat. She alternated between a handjob and deepthroat up until the last minute when she focused on the deepthroat. She continued until I came, but she decided it would look better on camera if she let the cum drip out of her mouth and down my cock instead of being swallowed. I came quite a lot for me. When she was done, she asked if she got the job—and when she could expect her bonus.

All in all, it was a pleasant weekend. The next night I got to take advantage of her shaven pussy. I ate her in her massage chair and then we fucked for a nice long while in that same chair. That it was fabulous goes without saying.

I never got the blowjob she mentioned in my last post because things got too hectic, and then she wasn’t in the mood, so deepthroat was a good reconciliation. She called me again at work today saying, I wish I could be there to suck your cock right now. Of course, I wished the same. I’ll take a rain cheque.

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