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June 13, 2007

What Is Gay?

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The Pentagon admitted to considering a US$7.5MM project to create a gay bomb. This bomb would act two-fold: turn the troops “gay” and be a aphrodisiac, making them more interested in having sex than fighting. I guess the best we could hope for is that something like that would go off in the Pentagon—at least the lost interest in fighting.

This story reminds me of a story I heard in the mid-1980s. An company was working on a chemical product that would turn cockroaches gay. I guess it didn’t work. So, why am I writing this here? This just underscores the official line of thinking that being gay can be readily controlled—and by extension being NOT gay, which is somehow consistent with policy.

I separated the effects into (1) the desire for same sex relations and (2) acting on that desire. Someone who is gay is not just someone who has sex with someone else of his (or her) own sex. It is a frame of mind. More than that, perspective comes into play. To many Christians, someone who has sex with another of his own sex is gay. I argue that a person can have same-sex relations and not identify himself as being gay or with gay issues. Gay is simply a label, and people love to simplify things with labels, however appropriately or inappropriately applied.

A person can be gay and never act on the desire just as a person can be heterosexual (non-gay) and never act on the desire—but then how would one know for sure? The point is: is is not important. Can the desire for sexual orientation be controlled? The short answer is yes. Is is a desirable goal? No. Why would it be?

Neurosurgeons have manipulated spiritual desire (and here): very spiritual believers can be “turned into” atheists, and atheists can be “turns into” Holy Rollers. I have no doubt that at this level, your brain can be altered to believe that a head of lettuce is the creator of the Universe or that sex with pigeons is natural (and, of course, that you are not a pigeon). I also believe that DNA manipulation could alter orientation, but (again) the question is, is it a desirable political goal?

O! If you figure out that aphrodisiac thing, I am thinking there might be a market for it. It seems to me if it were a viable concept, it would already be available by now. Did I actually say anything in this post…

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  1. as I was reading your post, I was thinking about this conversation that I’ve just had with my friend. his question was: can you imagine living in a place where people don’t understand that being gay is not your choice? I could not live there.
    so, here it is, a gay man from San Francisco, reminding me once again how open (on average…) we are here.

    so, what I am saying here is that: yes, you did say something important. but do we know the way to reach out with our message to those people who think that being gay can be controlled? I am just so tired of ‘labels’.

    Comment by EuroPosh — June 13, 2007 @ 8:08 pm | Reply

  2. Humans love labels. It makes things easier to grasp by leaving out aspects of things to oversimplify them. People do it with other people, places, and things. Stereotypes are a form of labelling.

    My brother was a man who had sex with men and women. He did not consider himself gay or bi, though many of the males with whom he had relationships considered themselves gay. This is not denial, as some might argue. It underscores that being gay is a state of mind.

    Comment by myfavouritelife — June 14, 2007 @ 6:23 am | Reply

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