My Favourite Life

June 18, 2007

Excellent Weekend

This weekend was our anniversary. “I’ve got a surprise for you,” is usually her codeword for “I’ve shaven my pussy meticulously.” Once you have been married with children long enough, you develop codewords. “Did you lock the door?” is the code for “I’m ready for sex.”

So the surprise is not usually such a surprise, but it is always welcome. Besides, the hour she spends in the bath tends to give away the surprise anyway. She tends to prepare herself a couple of hours before the event. It is hard to time things just right with kids in the house, but we bought a new DVD, which would serve its purpose to distract for a few hours.

“Is the door locked?” We were ready. “Are you ready for your surprise?” she asks. I am. She is laying face down on the bed ready for a massage. This is how it almost always starts. I get out some oils, and get to work. I usually start at her shoulders and work down to her ass. Tonight, I wouldn’t be doing her feet. I love massaging her fleshy ass, using extra oil down her ass crack and playing with her anus, making tiny circles with my fingers and sometimes working in my thumb to the first knuckle. She likes that, too, usually asking for more.

When she is ready, she rolls over. Sure enough, she presents her perfectly shaven pussy for me. She shaves often enough—well, perhaps not enough—, but on some days she goes all out and makes sure there is not a single stubble to be found. This was one of those days. I kissed her smooth mons and started nibbling her clit, but she wanted to sit on my face. I suggested a soixante-neuf, but she wasn’t interested. So be it. She was facing the opposite way for a sixty-nine, so I just continued eating her until she came. Not a single stray stubble to be found in the process—not even along the inside of her slit. After she came, she rolled off and lay down on her back again. She wanted to cum again. This time I nestled myself between her splayed legs, and I French-kissed her clit until she exploded again.

“Fuck me,” she said. I positioned her ankles up to her shoulders, and I worked my cock in. After two orgasms, let us just say she was very receptive. After a few strokes she asked, “Are you ready for your surprise?” My mind starts to work. “I already got my surprise…didn’t I?”

“That was just the start of it. How would you like to fuck me in the ass? I gave myself an enema when I was taking a bath. Just take it slowly.” Typically, I work to relax her ass with my fingers, but this time I just got out a lot of Slippery Stuff. I massaged some into her asshole, and I lathered my cock generously with it. Gently, I applied pressure to her back entrance with the head of my cock. It always seems so much bigger when it is introduced to her asshole—to the both of us, I imagine. Those who have been following my blog know that she prefers to take anal on her back. Usually she lifts her ass up onto a pillow or two for accessibility, but no pillows were necessary in this position. You couldn’t ask for a better position for access.

She was very relaxed, so when the head of my cock popped past her sphincter, her ass sucked up the head of my cock, and I waited for her to adjust. When she signaled she was ready, I pulled out and reentered her a few more times, each time plunging my cock deeper and deeper until I was in to the hilt. I was extremely horny, but the best thing about ass fucking is that once I get going the sensation is focused on the base of my cock instead of the head, so it is easy to last two or three times longer—sometimes. When I last longer, it gives my orgasm more time to build up. That is exactly how it went this evening. Sometimes she has me fuck her pussy for a while or she gives me head until I am closer to orgasm so her ass doesn’t take such a pounding, but that didn’t happen tonight, and the build up was exquisite. I was concentrating on staying in as deep as possible to delay my orgasm, and it was working.

Finally, I could tell I couldn’t delay it any longer. (Well, I could focus on not cuming, but that is different. I just wanted to let everything go naturally.) A couple more strokes and I thrust in as deeply as I could and just let loose. Wow! Earth-shattering. There are orgasms and there are Orgasms! It felt long and strong. I felt like I was cuming in buckets.

When we were done, I just lay there with my cock planted in her ass. Her legs were getting tires, so she relaxed them onto the bed and we just lay there together and cuddled with my cock still in her ass until after a while it lost its erection and it came out on its own. To show my appreciation, I ate her one more time until she came again. This was an exceptional weekend.

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