My Favourite Life

June 20, 2007

Make Up Sex

Well, sort of. There wasn’t much to make up for, but the concept is much the same. We had been talking about sex earlier in the evening. Horn-Dog as I am, I said some more anal sounded nice to me when she asked what I was in the mood for. She wasn’t, so I suggested sixty-nine or a blowjob again. I am bound to get to sixty-nine one of these days. I has been on my mind as of late, but I haven’t quite closed that deal.

Well, to make short of a long story, the evening became hectic and it became later and later. I know she doesn’t prefer late night sex, but when we finally did retire, my Roman hands started to wander up her short nightie: First, her shoulders and back; then her ass. I do love her ass. I wandered up to her breasts and told her I still wouldn’t mind that blowjob. I got a response clearly indicating her lack of interest: Well, she told me flat out, “not tonight.” And she reminded me that tomorrow doesn’t look good either because our son has a baseball game in the evening. Not exactly music to my ears, I must admit. We exchanged good nights, and I rolled over to sleep.

About an hour later, I was still marginally awake. Evidently, so was she. When I felt her fondling my cock, I rolled onto my back to give her better access. I was still pretty horny and was hard in an instant. She didn’t even ask. She slid under the sheets and started sucking my cock. Thank goodness for insomnia, I suppose. She told me afterwards she felt bad for disappointing me, so this was like make up sex. Very nice. Being compensatory, she went all out—or should I say all the way down. I couldn’t see what she was doing in the dark, but when I felt my cock pop into her throat, I was ecstatic.

Deepthroat is diametrically different to anal sex. As I mentioned just the other day, with anal sex the contact is away from the sensitive area just under the head of my cock. With deepthroat, her throat surrounds that most sensitive part—plus I can still feel her lips at the base of my cock. I once read a column from a female so-called sex therapist who said deepthroat—while not a myth—was over rated and that there is nothing but a psychological benefit from the vantage of the male. This may be true for someone with a two-inch cock but not for most guys, but I digress.

I could feel her throat constrict around the head of my cock. Just before I start to cum, the head gets bigger, so besides the other bodily cues, she can tell that the end is coming. She takes this as her cue to take me as deep as she can and wait until I am done cuming. When I am done, she swallows and catches her breath.

By now, she is horny, so she asks me to eat her. Yes. What a way to end the evening. This is my perfect bedtime routine—if only I could say routine. I made my way under the sheets and ate her pussy, which was a little less smooth than the weekend past, but I roughed it until she came. I think eating a woman offers so many sensual pleasures to me, the eater. Besides the sight, tactile sensations, scent, and sound, there is the benefit of getting her off and feeling her arch her body pushing her pussy into me as she cums. The result is decidedly not anticlimactic, as I get to lap up her payload. Yum. I eat her clean.

She apologises for being snipity (is that a word?), and now we can sleep peacefully. And so we do.

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  1. you know, my boyfriend owes you a few beers already! every time I read your posts, he gets lucky! add one more to the tab.

    Comment by EuroPosh — June 20, 2007 @ 5:29 pm | Reply

  2. Glad to be of assistance. 😉

    Comment by myfavouritelife — June 21, 2007 @ 11:55 am | Reply

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