My Favourite Life

September 13, 2007


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I thought I blogged about this when it happened a few months ago, but I can’t seem to find the post. Perhaps everything was too hectic at the time. I returned home from work one evening and she was upset: she was reading this blog, having been browsing through the browser history.  She was so upset, she called her elderly parents and read some of the more tawdry posts.  They were pretty put off by all of it.  After an extended tear-fest, we made amends, and she said she was actually glad that I didn’t just put up with her sometimes withholding attitude and expressed myself in a blog.  We had some nice make-up sex, and that was that.

Well, as it turns out she just had a colonoscopy and had some polyps removed on the spot.  No big deal, but after the procedure she called her mum and informed her of the results.  So her mum says, “It from having all of that anal sex.” I didn’t hear that, but I heard my wife’s response: “It is not from anal sex, Mother…”  Well, of course, the reason her mother was keyed into the anal sex thing, is she had been told about it during my wife’s meltdown a few months ago. Silly, these things.

Anyway, my wife has been going on about the nerve of her mother to bring up anal sex at such a time.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that if she kept her private life to herself—or at least anonymous like this—, she wouldn’t have to worry so much about it flying back at her.  Silly girl.

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