My Favourite Life

September 18, 2007

Ready or Not

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My wife has not been interested in sex lately, so I have been getting a lot of head. Sunday was different. She wanted sex. We talked about her lack of interest—and my non-lack of interest on Saturday morning. I told her I was fine with blowjobs for the time being, but it wouldn’t do forever. She said she was upset that she had no drive and would have prefer that her appetite for food be off rather than her appetite for sex, but what can you do? She told me that left to her own devices, she wouldn’t want sex but once every other month. (Now, if that wouldn’t suck!)

Sunday was different. I guess the two-month point was coming up. (Actually, I think her math is off just a wee bit.) Anyway, she was horny and wanted to fuck. It had been a while. I messaged her with rose oil and ate her until she came. Then we went at it. I positioned my self on top of her, and then positioned her into my favourite position—with her ankles up over her shoulders. I reminded her that this was also my favourite position for fucking her ass, but I digress.

This ankles-at-head position allows such perfect and deep access, I just got into the Zone and enjoyed the ride. I can’t really embellish the experience. It just was, and it was fabulous. I came and we kissed until she couldn’t hold her legs up any longer.

She has given a moratorium on anal owing to some personal issues, but I hope to get passed that. Then I can deliver in this position, but that will be another issue, too, because her preferred ass-fucking position is to take it missionary. Time will tell…

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