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October 1, 2007

Odd Search Term

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“What does a pussy look like to a male?”

That was the search string that led the querent to this blog. I suppose I have to assume the query was entered by a female, insomuch as a male presumably would understand the male perspective—even if he hadn’t actually ever seen a pussy or even just a pussy. So, what is the motivation behind this search? Is it seeking a psychological perspective. Relative skepticism aside, we can assume that a particular pussy looks the same to all typical viewers—male of female. Perhaps, the question is why do males (and I suppose a certain group of women) find pussies to be attractive—or, depending upon the perspective of the querent, why do they find them unattractive.

Well, as I ramble on here, I am thinking perhaps it is a female with a poor sense of self-image. Many women do not find pussies to be attractive, if not especially their own, so she could be wondering how a male could possible find it to be attractive. I don’t know how I see pussies, save to say I do love them.

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  1. or maybe this female reader has never seen a pussy from this perspective? perspective here meaning angle. mirrors can help here, but it’s a completely different experience for a woman to see another woman’s pussy in front of her.
    another thing is that if you have a pussy, you may think your pussy is special and unique. so what do you do to verify that? google it!

    Comment by coquetteinbed — October 1, 2007 @ 8:48 am | Reply

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