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October 25, 2007

Shaving Trends

In looking at some of the porn aggregator sites, it seems that fewer and fewer women in the pics have shaven pussies. Rather, I might say—save for the hirsute sites, which appeal to some—that 95 percent (if not 99%) have taken a razor of some other depilatory to their pubes. I have mentioned several times (or more) about the different trimming styles, but suffice it to say trimming is definitely in. Is shaving—dare I ask—on the way out? If you are a regular reader here, you know I have a preference for a bare pussy. Why hide such a beautiful sight? And it is so practical, a shaven pussy.

So, why am I writing this? I was looking at my stats, which I do most days, and I noticed that among the top search terms, shaving and shaven overwhelm the entries. It was number 5 on my list of top 10 search terms. If what I think I notice in the trend, it seems there may be a mismatch in supply and demand. (I guess the economist in me is always on the verge of rearing its ugly head.) If there supply of shaven pussies was in sync with the demand, why would so many people be looking. Of course, I have no idea who is looking or, for that matter, why they are looking.

Oh well, at least the pussy I have access to—perhaps access is too strong of a term as of late: visibility of—is shaven regularly, if not regularly enough. I guess that’s what counts.

Here is yesterday’s trend:

  1. shaven
  2. shaving her asshole
  3. pussy shaving
  4. is shaving her pussy
  5. eat wife pussy
  6. ice dildo
  7. wonderful pussy
  8. she can deepthroat
  9. pubic shaving for women
  10. blowjob queen

My first question, I guess, is: Do you think my assessment of this trend correct?

My next question is: How are people getting to your blog? (Obviously, I know, if you don’t have any posts on, say, “shaven pussies,” that would not be a term that would land anyone to your site.) Just for kicks, here is the rest of the list of search terms yesterday:

  • woman 40 and above shaved pussy
  • pubic shaving for women
  • she can deepthroat
  • good blowjobs
  • black hair women
  • ice pussy
  • blowjob queen
  • she sucked his
  • is swallowing cum dangeous
  • how to get your wife ready for anal sex
  • shaving rash on pussy
  • bare pussy
  • i want to shave my wifes pussy
  • likes cum taste
  • shaved women
  • how to shave pussy
  • shave pussy
  • bald pussy
  • wife and blowjob
  • shaving pussies
  • best position for beginner anal
  • shave wife s pussy in her sleep
  • ways to shave pussy
  • fat ass cheek spread
  • hairless pussy
  • pussy it
  • Marilyn Chambers Shaved
  • how to ask wife to shave pussy
  • pussy shaving women
  • pussy shave or waxing
  • prepare first time anal
  • women who deepthroat
  • shaved wife
  • make husbands cum taste better
  • shaved women pussies
  • ice in pussy
  • shaved vag
  • pussy shaving cream
  • how to make anal sex more comfortable
  • shave women
  • dangers of deepthroating
  • ask wife to shave pussy
  • epilate pussy
  • list of porn stars that have done anal
  • how to have a clean ass before anal
  • how to shave your pussy
  • women having her pussy shaved
  • bad blowjob

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