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October 26, 2007

Swinging in the Rain

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I was reading through some comments when I came upon one posted by Miss Tender of Tender ‘n’ Fine. I can only assume she is with Mr. Fine. I was about to respond to her comments to tell her about my swinging experiences back in the day. I thought I had related some of my experiences, but I didn’t seem to have written any. Well, there was the one about the midget, but that is hardly indicative. I am also not going to include my experience at a swingers’ club, swapping, or D/s experiences.

Well, I have to admit that my swinging experiences were generally underwhelming. (I just found one I wrote about last year about this time. It was about a woman named Shelly and her boyfriend.) Anyway, there were a few other times, but not really anything to write about. I think the most memorable thing was more around the screening process than anything. We were looking for single women or couples, as is typically the case, methinks. The majority of calls by a large margin were from single guys. We even had one guy say he was coming with his girlfriend. He showed up alone, saying his girlfriend was arriving separately, but we should just get started without her. We never started; she never showed. What a surprise. Whatever.

Generally the way it worked was that we would arrange to meet a couple in a neutral public location either near where they where or nearby us. I guess we weren’t very picky because we always ended up following through. It was mostly middle-aged couples with only a few exceptions. I am not complaining, I am just saying. Each experience was pretty similar. We met. We went to one of our homes. We had sex. We parted.

I don’t miss the lifestyle anymore than I miss the D/s lifestyle. These where phases. I enjoyed them in the moment, but that is the past. I don’t judge anybody else you does this. It is not my place. Whatever works. Even though my sex life as of late has been routine, it works. Sure I would like more, but I don’t need to get that from outside my marriage. I have a nice wife, and she tries to do her part. It is nice, however, to reminisce, and of course vicariously enjoying somebody else’s experiences are usually a treat in themselves.

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