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November 2, 2007

Her Willing Behind

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My wife and I have discussed the speciality of sex and different kinds of sex. I am not sure if this is universally a woman’s perspective, but I read Tender’s post about her willing behind, and she says, talking about anal sex:

“Right now it’s really only like once every 3-6 months, but once a month seems desirable. I don’t want it to be too frequent and risk becoming not as special or exciting, because it’s fun to have something saved for special occasions. Right now when we have anal sex there is an extra special intimacy between us during and after that I enjoy.”

Now, I prefer it more frequently than that. As I commented on her blog entry, once a month is pretty well enough to keep me satisfied, and more than every other week would be too much. But this is not my topic here.

I want to focus on the “becoming not as special or exciting” aspect. My wife tells me she doesn’t want sex every day because of the risk of sex becoming run of the mill an not special. I don’t really care about having sex on a daily basis, but the point is about the speciality.

My wife drinks coffee every morning. This is just one of the many ritual behaviours she does everyday. She has done this for over thirty years. Yet, she doesn’t worry that this repetition will somehow make her enjoy these things any less. I don’t see how having sex every day would make it less special.

Another thing my wife has a problem with is my desire for variety—for things like anal and oral sex. She asks, “Why is it that I made it 40-odd years without anybody caring about having anal sex with me, and yet you feel it is important? Why did I go 30-odd years without anybody even asking me for anal sex? I didn’t even know women had anal sex. I could like the rest of my life having only regular intercourse, and I would be fine with it.”

She had had anal sex twice before we met—with mixed results. She knew when we met this was an interest of mine. We had anal sex within the first week of our getting together; twice, in fact. But that is a different story. Now that we are married, it comes less frequently.

In any case, the variety does keep things interesting. Variety is the spice of life.

Hmmm… I am not sure where I was going with this. I guess I just wanted to comment on Tender ‘n’ Fine.


  1. That’s a damn good point about the coffee being a repetitive thing and not being tired of it. I know Mr. Fine likes to clean the pipes, as it were, almost every morning whether I participate or not… and he sure doesn’t get tired of it.

    But I on the other hand do not need an orgasm to start my day every morning, not even close!

    Men and women tend not to see eye to eye on the frequency of sex. Men, of course not all, tend to have a higher sex drive, and women, definitely not all, tend to have a lower one. That is the way we’re built.

    So because sex can become routine for us, since we do it when we don’t always want it, it’s just nice to have something that is still exciting and fresh and that we don’t do when we’re not in the mood.

    Anyway, all this being said, if you want to hear the perspective of a lady with a very very high sex drive, then we should ask Beautiful Creature what she thinks of variation!

    Comment by Miss Tender — November 2, 2007 @ 10:52 am | Reply

  2. Now that I’ve already commented I’m also wondering why anal more than once a week would be too much for you?

    Comment by Miss Tender — November 2, 2007 @ 11:00 am | Reply

  3. I enjoy it, but only second to regular sex. I think it as a change: desert rather than the main course. If I ranked sex, I would prefer regular and oral to anal, so if I were to have a schedule, say, for daily sex, my week might look like 4 regular, 2 oral, and an anal or something like that.

    As far as you question, it is interesting, but not that interesting. I once discussed with my wife prospects of sex. If I had to choose one and only form of sex for the rest of my life, I would probably choose regular sex, even though I enjoy the other routes. Oral would be second and anal would be last.

    Although the backdoor is tighter (until it relaxes a few minutes in), the sensation is more focused around the shaft instead of the head, which is more sensitive. So, while it is tighter and I can last longer, it just wouldn’t be satisfying on its own. If I had anal sex more frequently than once every other week, it would come at the expense of the other forms.

    Finally—yeah, I know this is getting long—, I did have a girlfriend I have written about here that preferred anal sex to all other forms of sex. With her, I preferred oral sex. We did have sex daily, so out of a 30 day month, she gave me head 27 times, I had anal twice, and we fucked once. You can read about it on my blog here.

    BTW, I have been reading Beautiful Creature’s blog(s) for ages. One of my favourites when she is contributing. (As I have said, female-perspective stories are so much more interesting to me than male stories, which is also why I read yours.) I also have an entry on morning sex, which I don’t generally enjoy. I know: picky, picky. 🙂

    Thanks for commenting and again for your own blog. I look forward to the vicarious kick.

    Comment by myfavouritelife — November 2, 2007 @ 11:34 am | Reply

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