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November 14, 2007

Blog Review: Dirty.Filty.Princess.

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Dirty.Filthy.Princess. (3 stars)

Holly, the keeper of this blog, used to be more prolific. But as with my blog, life gets in the way. It is more important to live life than to write about it. Well, except for the fact that we lurkers don’t get to participate.

She gives an interesting perspective and even has interviews of other people sometimes, which is a nice twist. As piques my attention the most are the personal stories. Well, let me clarify that and be perfectly honest: As I have said time and again I like the sex stories—the ones from a female perspective. As it turns out, Holly is a female—a distinction not wholly lost on her husband and sometimes contributor.

Holly is a Christian woman who does not find anything wrong with marital sex, if even adventurous marital sex. Although she doesn’t appear to go as far as many, she is well beyond the official Missionary position. Of course, even better, she writes about it… though not as much as she used to. 😦 Hopefully for us readers, she will get into the groove of her new job and find time to enjoy her life outside of work and be able to share the fruits of her experiences.

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