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December 4, 2007

Search Terms of the Week

Well, so it’s been slow around here, but I was reviewing search results, and couldn’t decide which one to focus on, so I picked two.

pics on how to shave my pussy

Well, this one brings tears to my eyes. Another chick looking to clear-cut her pubic patch. Now, if I only had pics. Perhaps she’ll document the process. I would do a public service and post her work. 😉

What kind of women likes to suck cock?

This is funny: as if a certain type of woman likes to suck cock—what kind of woman. I guess it is a valid question in a way. I assume this is a guy, but I am wondering if it could be a women questioning her sexuality—from either side of the equation. If this is the case, it could be someone pondering if she should suck cock, or it could be someone who sucks cock and is trying to determine if this makes her a bad person.

Anyway, from my perspective, there are a few categories:

  • Women who suck cock and enjoy it
  • Women who don’t mind sucking cock if it makes her partner happy
  • Women who suck cock to get in good with her partner, but will slow down the pace and/or enthusiasm once this happens
  • Women who will suck cock, but don’t enjoy it
  • Women who refuse to suck cock

This last group has further subdivisions to explain why they refuse:

  • Religious repression
  • Societal repression
  • Feminist (power issues)

Some women will only suck certain cocks. They are more selective than men. I think this extends beyond cocksucking and into sex more generally, but for some women giving a blowjob is more up-close and personal.

In my estimation, some women will refuse to suck your cock but have sucked other cocks (for better and for worse), and they then fall into one of the above categories. I am of the belief that even if they don’t suck your cock (or have sex with you), they may well have sucked other cocks, and might well suck cocks in the future: just not yours. Moreover, even if they wouldn’t suck cock in general, they might do it for [insert celebrity name here], say, Brad Pitt.

I know I had a tangential experience I describe in this blog somewhere. My first wife did suck my cock, but she wouldn’t swallow. We had been together for about 8 years before we divorced. She didn’t swallow for the first time until a few months before we divorced, though she tried on more than several occasions. However, when we were playing around at the end of our relationship, we did a threesome. The first thing she did was to suck his cock. He didn’t even have to ask. Women do know what men want, but they play coy. Well, apart from the blowjob, she let him cum in her mouth—which was normal for her, but she swallowed—and this was before she swallowed me. This underscores the point: just because she isn’t doing it for you doesn’t mean she doesn’t do it.

The other point here is the women who used to do this or that, but it is now a case of “been there, done that.” You have come along too far down the line, and you missed the boat. She could have been a raging nympho, but had a change of heart, and you are stuck in this predicament. Doh!

So, I guess there is no type. I know I see some women and I say to myself, “I cannot imagine that she has ever had sex,” but who knows. Judging from pics on amateur sites, you can never know. It certainly isn’t about looks, or age, or income, or social class.

Hmmm… was there a point in here someplace?


  1. here’s my take on the issue of sucking and swallowing (or not), based on my experience and OBVIOUSLY on extensive story swapping with my female friends over many glasses of wine:

    1. many women are picky because they can.
    2. some like to withhold pleasure to gain control, but the reasons they give are usually plain lies.
    3. then there’s the issue of wrong shape/size/smell etc, basically aesthetics. and let’s not forget that some women won’t suck an uncut penis.

    oh, and one more reason I hear sometimes is that some women consider swallowing ‘slutty’ and they won’t do that for their sweet husbands. but for their casual lovers, why not, it’s part of the game. and you’d think the opposite would be true, that women would be more likely to swallow when they feel more intimate and comfortable with the guy…

    I’m not saying I’m right, I’m just reporting what I hear.

    Comment by coquetteinbed — December 4, 2007 @ 1:31 pm | Reply

  2. Great response, Coquette. You are so spot on. No doubt. I really agree with the power issue thing.

    Funny, this: my first wife whom in the story I mention here was repulsed at the thought of an uncut cock. She had the same reaction: I am not putting that thing in my mouth. (BTW: I am cut.) Anyway, at the end of our marriage, she was into this D/s thing, and I accompanied her for a manner safety (and accrued additional benefits). So, this one guy I mention is uncut—only she doesn’t know it because she is blindfolded. I have to say it was riotous when she took it into her mouth: the pause. Well, she adjusted, and as I mention in the main post, she had no problem finishing him off in the end (and she even swallowed). This phobia was entirely psychological—though what phobias aren’t, I suppose.

    Comment by myfavouritelife — December 5, 2007 @ 8:33 am | Reply

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