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December 13, 2007

Shopping Ideas: Number 2

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These sex cratch cards are an interesting idea. There are a few dozen pages, each usually with 3 cards on a page. I bought a pack, and we are working our way through them. There are many types of cards. Some of the themes repeat, but the placement of the prizes differs to add some surprise to you evening. Some are specifically focused on her while some are on him. Some are more general.

Sex Scratchers

Like lottery cards, you may come out a winner or a loser.  Some cards are focused on foreplay, while others are on sex.  The main attractions for these cards are oral sex, handjobs, and some “winner decides.”  These are like wild cards, I suppose.  So you can take that as far as your relationship allows. There are so-called bondage cards—very light bondage, if you could even call it that: more in the vein of blindfolds. This is stuff for Middle America.

I haven’t worked through the entire deck, so I may be surprised.  Perhaps I’ll backfill this post if I find anything else.  In all, I like the  concept.

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