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February 7, 2008

Busy Busy

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It’s been a long time since I have published any blog entries here. Everything is going well personally and professionally, but time to write here seems to diminish more and more.

Personally, specific to sex, the year is proceeding quite nicely. My wife turns 55 in a couple weeks.  Her being 9 years older than me is not the best combination, but she tries to keep me sexually satisfied. Our current arrangement is for sex twice a week (like Wednesday and Sunday) whether or not she has been “in the mood.” She has been diligently keeping her commitment.

I have mentioned this here before.  When she is not in the mood, it means I get unreciprocated oral sex. It is quick and clean. Before this year about two-thirds of our sex was “regular.” This year over two-thirds is oral, and I’m not complaining.

Last night was interesting. I let her know I was in the mood for a blowjob (again…I know).  She wanted to put it off for another day because she was tired, but then she volunteered to give me a handjob.  I told her she could just bend over, and I could use some Slippery Stuff.  She thought I meant anal and said no.  I am not a fan of handjobs, so I said she could give me a handjob, but I wanted to cum in her mouth.  That was fine with her, and so for most of the time she just used her hands, ever ready for the climax. She can always tell when I’m about to cum.  It might be related to my saying, “I’m about to cum.”  This time was no different.  When I gave the signal, she eagerly slurped up my seed. Perfect. No complaints.

For her, it is not romantic, but for me, I get what I need.  I would prefer thrice a week, but I am getting used to twice.

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