My Favourite Life

February 25, 2008

Sex and Drugs

So, I take a break from this blog because nothing much is happening, but then something happens. I took a few days off from work. I needed a little rest. On Saturday I had to go out on some errand.

“I’ll be back in a bit,” I say.

“I think I should suck your cock first.”

What? I did a mental double-take. We have been in more of a rote mode where sex in concerned as of late, if you can’t tell by my postings here.

“That sounds like a great idea.”

We removed ourselves to the bedroom, and I got myself ready—well, I got undressed.

“You see what you could be getting if you were home more often in the daytime when I’m not tired,” she tells me.

I can’t bring myself to inform her that I am home on most weekends. No reason to spoil the moment.

“I see. I was thinking we should try those dice or something one of these days,” I suggest.

“You know you could fuck me in the ass if you could get me some Valium,” she blurts out of nowhere.

I respond, “I was talking about the dice.”

“And I was talking about my ass. You could have it if you got me some Valium.”

So on to the backstory. She loves her Valium, Xanax, Ativan, whatever, but she can’t cum on Ativan. He doctor cut her off, but she wants more. I have gotten her some in the past, and she wants more. I sure wish I had some Valium.”

“I’ll just suck your cock. When you get some Valium, you can have what you want.”

So she sucked my cock until I came, and she spit into the cloth she had waiting. As usual, I was disappointed with the spitting, but I had an idea:

“I have an idea. You know I have been disappointed with your not swallowing. Here’s my suggestion. I will create a sort of a sex menu with rates—only the rates will be in milligrams of Valium. ”

I got out a piece of paper and a pen, and I put together a chart that looked like this:

Event Price
Anal 10 mg
Shaving 5 mg (weekend special; once a week maximum)
Swallowing 5 mg
Deepthroat 5 mg

These are the things I want more of, so why not.

I said, “There is no pressure. There is a standing offer. You want it, just let me know. Except for the anal, they are all payable after the fact. You can get 1 in advance of anal to help you to relax. You can also get multiples, if you please.”

This way she could shave, deepthroat, and swallow for 3 or shave and do anal for 3. A blowjob in the middle of the week where she swallows is good for 1. A quick deepthroat is worth a bonus. Some combinations are not likely: anal followed by swallowing comes immediately to mind.

I limited the shaving to once a week because a week’s stubble is no big deal, so it is not really worth it to me for her to shave her pussy for me daily. Her pubes just don’t grow in that fast.  If this were my first wife, daily would be fine.  She almost had to shave twice daily.  As for  her arms and legs, this was her routine.

I know other people would have other things on their menus, but this is where I am. I wouldn’t waste my time on a facial, fisting, or a handjob. I may think of something else as time goes by; but for now, this is it. Of course, my next task is to secure the currency. Details, details.


  1. I wish my husband would cut a deal like this with me but he is anti pills. I think this is pure genius.

    Comment by littlemissnono — May 30, 2008 @ 11:06 pm | Reply

  2. […] she was still satisfied with her V deal, but it was getting old for me.  I always new that she minded anal less than she led on, and now […]

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