My Favourite Life

February 29, 2008

Sex and Drugs (part 5)

Finally! She knew what I wanted, and I knew what she wanted. She was going to try for 2 doses tonight: 1 for the evening, and 1 or the morning.  A little budgeting, I suppose.

“I am going to suck you cock tonight, and I am going down all the way.  Would you like that?”

As if there could be another answer.

Things weren’t quite settled in the household, so I would have to wait a bit until after dinner and everything was situated.  I won’t bore you with these details.

When the time came, we retired to our bedroom. The anticipation was killing me.  It all unfolded the way it had the previous days. I undressed and lay down, but this time I wasn’t propped up by pillows. She took out some vanilla oil for her lips. She usually does this anyway, but when she is deepthroating any extra lubrication helps.

She started slowly, as usual: taking the head of my cock in her mouth between her lips and sucking gently. Working her way in deeper and deeper.  This time was different. On that last stroke she went down all the way. I could feel the head of my cock pop into her throat the way it does. Bliss. She stayed down for a few seconds before coming up for air and immediately returning all the way down.

It is hard not to cum like this.  So much sensation.  But I just relaxed to enjoy it as long as I could. She kept this up for several minutes until I told her I was ready to cum.  Just like diving under water, she took one quick short breath and planted her lips around the base of my cock as I streamed cum down her throat.  She remained planted until she knew I was done.  She licked along my shaft and head and smacking her lips. Wow!

She really earned her keep.  Life is good, and I still have the weekend to look forward to.

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