My Favourite Life

March 1, 2008

Sex and Drugs (part 6)

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Being it was a Friday night, I was hoping that last night would be the night I had been waiting for.

“Can I have a Valium?” she asks.

“Do you need two?” I reply.

“No. Not tonight.” I was surprised by her response.

“Why don’t you blow me?” I respond.

“Do I have to swallow?”

“Yes. That’s the deal.”

“What about if you cum on my face? You seemed to enjoy that last time.”

“No, I you have to swallow.”

This was funny, her bringing up the one and only time I have given her and anyone else a facial. While it was a pleasant novelty, I just don’t see the point. Personally, I don’t want to interrupt my flow. That’s why I want to cum in her mouth—because that is where my cock is. I don’t want to pull it out. In that case, were just trying something different—she probably didn’t want to swallow on that night either. In any case, she sucked my cock until I was ready to cum. I gave her the signal before I pulled out and jerked off onto her face. It was hilarious. She looked like she was in shock. She didn’t know what to expect, but she ended up with a few lines of cum across her face, and of course I did get cum in her eye. Anyway, that was a different day.

In the end I got a nice blowjob. She did swallow when she was done, but it was her delivery I wanted to write about. Last night she did something a little different. As usual, she didn’t use her hands, though I do miss it when she does use them. What was different is that she only made contact on the upstrokes. Once she got started, she opened her mouth and took my cock inside, then she closed her lips around my cock and pulled back. It felt very different, and it took me forever to cum. I was on edge for so long, and it was amazing. As I have said here before, she is the real deal: a blowjob queen. When I did cum, it was as if she was just milking my cock. I didn’t think I would stop cumming. Not only was the orgasm strong, but my cum just seemed to keep flowing. As I mentioned, she swallowed everything without a fuss.

Speaking of quantity, I was just remembering a couple of blowjobs I got from another woman in between marriages. This woman swallowed, too. She usually went down all the way to by-pass her taste buds, but on these two occasions she didn’t. On the first occasion we had just eaten some Korean food at a restaurant owned by a friend of hers. I can’t say that I like Korean food, but it was salty, and when I came it tasted like a salt lick. She did swallow it, but it couldn’t have been pleasant. It was the last time we ate there. The next time, I am not sure what the set up was, but when I cam, I just kept on cumming. Now I know a typical ejaculation is about 15 cc—about a tablespoon. I also know that any woman would be able to easily swallow two or three times that much without much of an effort. Whatever happened, she couldn’t take it. It seemed like she was swallowing with each delivery, but there came a point where she couldn’t contain anymore. I might have just hit the right spot in the back of her throat to make her gag, but whatever it was she just coughed it it and started laughing embarrassingly. I had to laugh, too. It was funny.

Anyway, well see what lies ahead. There’s still tomorrow.

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