My Favourite Life

March 1, 2008

Sex and Drugs (part 7)

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The time was right. I didn’t have to wait for too long. Things were situated in the household, and she told me in a soft knowing voice, “I shaved for you this morning.” She lifted her nightgown she had been lazing around in. Her Valentines shave hadn’t even really grown back in, but now there was no trace. Smoother is better. The other signal this gave is that I would probably get to eat her pussy—and freshly shaven at that—, too—one of my favourite pass times.

I gave her a Valium, and she took it. “I want you to fuck me in the ass, but first I want a massage.”

That is something I could deal with. She undressed, and so did I. I got out some massage oil from the nightstand, and started on her naked body. I began with her shoulders and neck and worked down the length of her back down to her bum. That always gets me, especially when I know I am about to pay a visit. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, so I just massaged her little bum hole with my fingers. Before I get too far along, I return to kneading her bum.

I return to her back before she rolls over so I can eat her. After a nice kiss, and me sucking on her nipples, I go downtown. Nothing beats a freshly shaven pussy. I eat her until she comes, and that doesn’t take that long.

She asks for another Valium to relax, and so I give her another one. I squirt out a large glob of Slippery Stuff and work it into her ass crack and lube up her ass hole. I glance up at the bedside clock. It is almost 3:30.

“Do you want me to roll over,” she asks.

“I reply, “No. This is just fine. I want to fuck your shaven pussy first anyway.”

I continue preparing her tight little bum, working in one, then two, and then three fingers. She was ready, so I rubbed my cock along her pussy slit and took a few stokes. Ahhh… Then I grabbed her ankles and put them up around her ears. I love that position, but I had something else in mind, too. Her bum was in the perfect fucking position.

After a short while, my cock was very hard. I pulled out of her pussy and positioned the head of my cock at her ass hole and started to apply gentle pressure, rocking my hips back and forth ever so slightly until…pop…her ass received the head of my cock. I waited a few moments for her to adjust to this anal invasion, and then I pulled all the way out again and repeated this several times. This helps to relax her sphincters, and I could focus more on getting some depth.

When I could tell she was relaxed, I inched my way in deeper and deeper until I was in to the hilt. I was able to take some long slow strokes in and out. She started to reach around and play with her clit.

“Dont cum yet,” she said—almost ordered. “I think I can cum again.”

I continued to fuck her ass slowly, enjoying every moment as I waited for her to cum again. I was in no hurry. Soon enough she came, and and she cam hard, so I was able to concentrate on cumming instead of on not cumming. Then came the point that I knew I was going to cum. I could feel the build up, and I was almost to the point of no return. That didn’t matter because I just wanted to cum inside her, and so I did. As usual when I have bum sex I came hard too, and I just rested inside her bottom. I looked at the clock again. It was past 4:00.

Afterward, we cleaned up and she got her remaining reward.

“Was it worth it?” I asked.

“Definitely,” she responded. “I don’t know why I always seem to forget how good it feels.”

I try to remind her, but it never seems to work. As much as she sometimes protests anal sex, she almost always enjoys it, and usually has her best orgasms this way. It is too bad she has had so much social brainwashing that doesn’t allow her to fully enjoy it to its fullest extent. We’ll see how things go. I wonder if she’ll want to repeat this next weekend.

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