My Favourite Life

March 3, 2008

Sex and Drugs (part 8)

What a fantastic weekend! I am not a guy who needs sex every day, but I’ll take it when I can get it. So yesterday, she asks if I want to fuck her in the ass again. Of course I agree. I got to eat her again. Her pussy wasn’t freshly shaven, but a day doesn’t make that much of a difference in her case becuse her hair grows in so slowly.

This time I wanted to go old school—doggie style. After she got another massage and I got her off, she rolled over onto her knees. There is just something about this classic position. I kneaded her bum a little more and massaged her bum hole with some Slippery Stuff until it relaxed for me. Then it was down to business. I screwed her pussy for a few strokes to get myself fully ready, and then I took aim at her ass.

At this point it is almost always the same. I apply gentle pressure with the tip of my cock until her ass accepts me. I let her ass relax until it fully accommodates me. This time I didn’t work my head in and out because I wanted her bum to stay tighter longer. When she was relaxed, I just took some short slow strokes: 2 centimetres in, 1 centimetre out. In short order I was all the way in. Then I could just take my time and enjoy myself. She played with her clit until she came again, and I continued with short strokes deep inside. I last a lot longer this way because of the reduced sensation, but no matter what eventually I can’t stop the inevitable.

As I am about to cum, I plunge in as deep as I can and spill my seed. What a relief, and two days in a row. That doesn’t happen too often. I am looking forward to next weekend, but I am feeling so spoiled. I hope my next shipment arrives. I am running out of currency.

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