My Favourite Life

March 5, 2008

Sex and Drugs (part 9)

Another couple of days have passed, and there’s no sign of letting up. I feel like a kid in a candy shop. I get my daily dose as she gets hers. After a hectic day at the office, it is so nice to end the day with a blowjob. Actually, any sex will do, but lately it has been mostly blowjobs. I wasn’t going to write for a while because I thought it was starting to get monotonous. Not for me, but for anybody reading this.

Last night she asked if I wanted her to do deepthroat again. How could I refuse? She didn’t want to do it in the bed, though. Instead, she wanted to try it the first time we did it—on the massage table. You could go back to read the original post because in my mind it wasn’t substantially different.

She lay on her back on the table with her head hung over the edge. This table is just the right height, and anyway, it is adjustable. Basically, she just lay there with me standing and fucking her mouth. Now, fucking while standing is not my favourite position, but how could I complain?

In general, this is a very nice position. For the woman, she can just lay back and relax (mostly, or at least once she is comfortable with the technique and practised). For the guy, it’s just fucking with a twist.

Anyway, as usually happens with these thing, I cum and she swallows. There isn’t so much swallowing involved, really, because it all just falls into place on its own.

When I was done, she asked for reciprocity. Music to my ears. Her pussy had quite the 5:00 shadowor perhaps more of a 2:00 shadow given its slow growth—but that didn’t deter me. I just went to work and savoured her pussy until she came. Not to overstate the obvious, but we were both satisfied with the outcome, and she even got a couple more V.

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