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April 8, 2008

Woman describes “escape” from polygamy

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Can you say “sensationalism”? I have been following this event unfolding over the past few days: this polygamous group in Texas. Now, I see this “news” article: Woman describes “escape” from polygamy. Where is the counter story? Where is the woman describing her positive experiences in this type of relationships. I am not saying this is my preferred lifestyle, but to each his own. More importantly, whatever became of religious tolerance? Doesn’t the US claim to be built on religious tolerance. I mean, I know it’s a crock, but bear with me on this. It seems to me that only tolerated religions are the ones they choose to tolerate. Hardly a worthwhile goal. The Aboriginals in Australia (and most indigenous peoples worldwide) have had to deal with the same control issues and lack of sovereignty. I am sure I could come up with quite a list of other stupid Christian customs and morés, but that doesn’t stop the government from saying we have to tolerate these things. If as a country the US is going to claim something, then stand by your convictions. Have some integrity…for a change. I hear a lot of talk, but I see little action.

As important to this story is the supposed instigator of the police action: a 15-year-old forced into an abusive marriage.  Chances are this “informant” will never be found because she doesn’t exist.  Just like the police plants during RNC protests in New York City, these plants are meant only to expedite the rath of the powers that be. It makes me sick.

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