My Favourite Life

April 30, 2008


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I am just too busy to keep up with this.  I have way too much to keep up with at work and even debated spending time to even write this. As I write this, my sex life is looking pretty good.  We have plenty of V on board, and just the other night I got an unexpected surprise—well, I don’t suppose if it was expected it would be a surprise.

We had settled down after dinner, and we retired for a while.  We both knew what we wanted.  I wanted sex, and she wanted some V. We have this down like clockwork, but it never gets tiring: I take off my trousers and lay back on the bed.  She positions her self on her knees and sucks my cock. Some days she is more energetic than others.  This was sort of in between, and she skipped the commentary about feeling like a chore.

I wanted her to deepthroat me, but unfortunately for me she wasn’t in the mood. I asked her to at least take off her clothes, so she took a break and undressed. I enjoy feeling the weight of her breasts when she is going down on me. She repositioned herself so I could play with her pussy with my hand, but she wasn’t in the mood for 69.  Hey, I try.

Her pussy was getting exceptionally wet, and she was becoming more interested in what she was doing until I couldn’t hold back any longer and I let out a nice stream and filled her mouth—well, not quite “filled,” but I will take literary licence where I can. As was our bargain, she dutifully swallowed, and she got her reward.

She said that now she was in the mood to be eaten, but our son decided he needed some attention, so we stopped and played World of Warcraft for the evening. After a couple of hours, it was bedtime again.  She was a little wound up from playing and said something about being hungry, but I fell into sort of a half sleep. As I fell in and out of sleep, I could hear her rummaging about, and then I fell asleep just after I heard her close the bedroom door as she left.

Next thing I knew, she was going down on me again. I didn’t know how long I had been sleeping,  but before I could even glance at the clock she whispered that she had a surprise for me.  I told her I enjoyed her surprise, but she hadn’t given it to me yet.  Then, she positioned her pussy into my face.  She had just spent the past hour or so shaving: that was the surprise.

Of course, I didn’t need any direction; I just started eating, and she continued to suck my cock vigorously. Sixty-nine is sometimes hard to coordinate, but since I had already cum a few hours earlier, I was able to focus mostly on making her cum.  As usual, one of the biggest advantages to sixty-nine—besides getting each other off together—is that, as a guy, I get extra olfactory benefits. I am sure it is mostly psychological, but I love the feeling of extra scent in this position.

I am not sure how long I had eaten her before she came, but I wasn’t really close to cumming again, so I just kept eating, and she kept sucking. A few minutes later, I could tell she was going to cum again, and she did.  She wanted to take a break and change positions, but I could tell I was getting close to cumming myself.  I told her just to keep on going, that I’d be cumming any second.  It wasn’t quite any second, but it wasn’t long before I was cumming in her mouth for the second time that evening.  As an added bonus, she even make a point to let me know she swallowed.  As her added bonus, I gave her another V for the next day.

When I finally looked at the clock, it was about 1:30. I had to work the next morning, but when I am tired for reasons like this, I don’t complain.  I just wish this was the only reason I would be tired.

In any case, I am taking a break again from this blog.  It seems that most of my usual blog buddies are doing the same.  It is likely that I’ll check in now and again, but I am not sure mow much I’ll contribute.  Meantime, I hope any visitors can find some enjoyment reading through some of the back posts.

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