My Favourite Life

May 30, 2008

Bound to Happen?

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This happened last Sunday. I’d like not to believe that it was inevitable, but it happened. With all of the recent anal activity…well, let me start from the beginning. She was well relaxed. She was face down on her knees, and I had been fucking her ass while she used her vibrator. She came pretty quickly, so we put aside the vibe, and I was able to focus on coming in her tight little bum. I had her lay completely flat on her stomach. As usual, it felt great. I am not sure if I was lasting longer than usual or if it was because she came so quickly, but it felt as I had just been going and going. I was building up a sweat. I thought it might move things along if she raised herself back onto her knees. Besides, this was I could take longer strokes. It worked, I was building up and close to coming. But then, in the heat of the moment, my cock slipped out! I fumbled to get it back in before I came. There! Oops, wrong hole.

“Hey, that’s my pussy,” she protested.

I almost immediately pulled out and was going to finish in her ass when she said, “Put it back in. It felt good. You were already in there. Just fuck me, and I hope I don’t get a yeast infection or something.”

I couldn’t hold out another moment longer, and I came inside her pussy. When I tried to pull out, she asked me just to lay on her, and she lay flat again.

Well, to say the least, I was all apologies. I am decidedly not an advocate of ass to anywhere else in a session. Bad hygiene, you know. She was very receptive (of the apologies, I mean), and she just wrote it off as the accident it was. Some time has passed and no yeast infection, even after having regular sex again on Monday. (Whew!)

Hopefully, that doesn’t happen again. Too many of these accidents, and the backdoor might end up off limits. That wouldn’t be good. For now, I’ll count my blessings.

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