My Favourite Life

June 5, 2008

200,000 Visits and a Black Celebration

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Woohoo! 200,000 visits. I am still not much in the mood to write, and I don’t really feel I have much to say on an ongoing basis. I have a lot going on in my public life, but ‘twain the two shan’t meet.

Since I am here writing anyway, I might as well add that my wife is past her “affair” comments. I think in general her comments are benign, and in fact work in my favour as she gets herself worked up, and am her proxy, if that makes any sense. I know many people—especially women—who get pissed if a guy is thinking of another person when engaging in sex. For me, I just appreciate that I am with the person I am with. Christ! If she thinks I am George Bush and it turns her on…and I receive the benefits…, I am all over it. My ego is not that over-sized.

Last night we got on the topic of 69, and lo and behold, that’s what we ended up doing. Not only that, as we are still doing out deal, I even got a deepthroat out of it and she swallowed. So I ask you, should I care if in her mind she was sucking off Obama as part of some victory celebration? I say no. And another thing is that we got another break from anal, which was much appreciated.

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