My Favourite Life

July 3, 2008


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My wife has been spending a lot of time online lately playing MMO games. She has gotten comfortable with a couple of twin guys who share an account, and she talks to them each in turn. The other night we were engaged in some regular doggy style action. Doing doggy style, I can’t help but to play with her asshole. Practically out of nowhere she starts this conversation:

“I was thinking about [the twins] and thought it would be so nice to have sex with the two of them—one in my pussy and one in my ass. It would be even better if I could have a cock in my mouth.”


“I’m serious,” she says.

“That sounds nice,” I replied, as I replaced the fingers I had in her ass with my cock. This was unplanned (and she hadn’t done an enema in preparation) but not unwelcome.

“Did you put your cock in my ass?” She asks.

I push in deeper, as far as I can and answer, “Yes.”

“It feels great. Keep it up. Don’t cum too fast. I want to cum first.”

I took heed of her request and waited for her to bring herself to orgasm with her fingers. What’s the rush, I ask myself.

After she came, it was my turn.

Spontaneous passion is so much better than planned sex.

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