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July 6, 2008

Who knew?

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The other night my wife was pretty drunk and had some Valium on board. I had been reading a book on behavioural economics and was commenting to her on the topic of decision-making and sexual arousal.  This study was limited to college-age males. First they were asked a series of questions under “cold” conditions. Then, they were asked the same series of questions under “warm” conditions.  Essentially, the subjects were asked to masturbate to a point before release—then they were to take the survey again.  It seems (as most of us know intuitively) that under the influence of sex, our rationality goes out the window. There are all sorts of questions, but two got a response from her—things I didn’t know until now after over 12 years of marriage; and I thought I knew most everything about her sex life.  She is pretty open about it.

The first question to elicit a response from her was: “Would you consider having sex with a 12-year-old girl?”  Unaroused, about 25% responded yes. Aroused, over 50% answered yes.

The second question to elicit a response was: “Would you find it exciting to have sex in contact with an animal?”  Unaroused, about 6% responded yes. Aroused, about 16% answered yes.

So, about the first point: I knew that when she was in her young 30s she had had sex several times with a 16-year-old boy. What I didn’t know is that she had also had sex with a 14-year-old boy—a friend of the 16-year-old. Well, she assured me that 12-year-olds were definitely out of the question—even then. Like the survey predicted. He was horny, she was drunk (and horny); one thing led to another. He was complaining that he had never had sex, and so she helped him out.  More like a mercy fuck than anything else. She never had sex with him again.

The second point was even more surprising. I knew a woman (not my wife) who let her dog screw her when she was a teenager. My wife knows this person and knows this story.  Through this, she never mentioned her own forays into the animal kingdom.  In her twenties, she was feeling particularly randy (and I know how the urban legends play in here) and she smeared her pussy with tuna water trying to lure her large Keeshond between her legs.  He obliged and get licking her until she came. She never tried it again, she said, because she was afraid the whole time that the dog would bite something precious.

After this, I wonder what else she hasn’t told me.  I don’t think she was necessarily hiding it previously. I just takes certain triggers to remaind us sometimes. I has happened to me, too.

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