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July 24, 2008

Sex Dice

Well, so my sex life was becoming routine. Whilst I did want to increase the amount of anal sex she was willing to do, in the end (pun intended) I wasn’t getting what I wanted. I figured taking her ass a couple times a week wouldn’t be a bad proposition, but when it devolved into exclusively anal every night, I needed to change tack.

So, she was still satisfied with her V deal, but it was getting old for me.  I always knew that she minded anal less than she led on, and now it’s all old hat. She did take a break where she switched into deepthroat mode, but again, she wasn’t mixing things up.

Anyway, here’s how I decided to mix things up—and I am certain she wonders how she ended up marrying a guy into weird games.  A while ago we used to play a sex card game, and I wrote about the rules here previously.  I decided to try a different game.  Instead of cards, I chose dice.  Now when she wants the V we roll some dice.  I am still working on the details, but here is how is works now. You may notice that it also provides a release for her so she can get her needs met and we can still have ordinary sex once in a while.

When she want something, we roll. 1 or 2 is for anal, 3 or 4 is oral, and 5 or 6 is vaginal. Simple.  For anal and vaginal, she only has to roll once again.  This determines whether we do missionary (1 or 2), doggy (3 or 4), or her on top (5 or 6). For oral, it gets more complicated because she has to roll three more times.

A 1 or 2 means a regular blowjob, 3 yields a mouth-fuck, 4 is deepthroat, and 5 or 6 is for 69. The next roll determines whether or not she uses her hands: 1 or 2 says no, 3 or 4 says yes, and 5 and 6 lets her decide. The final roll you may have guessed by now is where  the cum ends up: 1 or 2, she may spit; 3 or 4, she swallows, and 5 or 6, she gets a facial. So, Neither of us are big fans of facials, but she would prefer not to swallow, which is my preference, so this is a non-swallowing option.  To tell you the truth, I was hoping she would just say, forget this option; let’s just do a 50-50 split between swallowing and not.  But she liked the break down of a 67% chance of not having to swallow.  So far we haven’t rolled a facial.

So we started Tuesday and played again yesterday.  I am not likely to keep up a play by play, but the first night what do you think she rolled? If you guessed anal, you guessed right; her second roll gave us the missionary position.  I am hoping that if we get anal again, she end up on top.  She has only done that once because she doesn’t like to feel she is impaling herself. Time will tell. Last night she rolled missionary vaginal.  We hadn’t had that in a while. Her pussy was still somewhat shaven from Sunday, so that was nice, too.  Since our deal has been in place, I haven’t made as many visits to her pussy as I would have liked to.  This dice game should change that.  I am looking forward to how this plays out, and I’ll check in every now and again.


  • 25.7.2008 – Doggy anal again last night.  These dice must be loaded.
  • 26.7.2008 – Missionary anal
  • 27.7.2008 – She laid back and I fucked her mouth. She was “allowed” to spit, but she swallowed anyway. 🙂
  • 28.7.2008 – No dice yesterday. She opted for shaving and reciprocal oral sex instead, which is always a hit for me. She didn’t swallow, but other than than everything went perfectly. We’ll be breaking out the dice tonight, I’m sure.
  • 29.7.2008 – I wrote a more complete accounting if this, but we had anal with her on top.
  • 30.7.2008 – The dice got me a no-hands blowjob, which was really “no hands” because I asked her not even to hold the base of my cock, which is her habit. It was perfect.  On the other hand, the dice betrayed me because she rolled a spit and took advantage of it. 🙂 All in all, no complaints.
  • 01.8.2008 – Another “regular” blowjob using her hands, but she did swallow.
  • 02.8.2008 – The planets must be aligned for blowjobs. She used her hands again and didn’t swallow.
  • 03.8.2008 – Another blowjob. What’s up with these dice? This time was another mouth-fuck, and she rolled a facial, so I had that to anticipate. We just did this last week, so I asked her to lay over some pillows on her back, leaning her head over the stack. Last week, I straddled her chest, but this time I knelt above her head. I also know that she can deepthroat me in this position, and so once I got going, I made sure I took longer and longer strokes. I took my time, and she didn’t protest (as I feared she might). She just lay back and let me fuck her throat. Needless to say, I was pleased. I would have preferred to just cum down her throat, but I didn’t.  When it was time to cum, I pulled out and came on her face…or at least I tried to. Most of it just squirted onto her chest except for some final dribbles, and then I made sure she cleaned off my cock with her lips. All-in-all, it was very nice.
  • 04.8.2008 – No blowjob tonight, just good old-fashion doggy-style anal sex. I love her mouth, but I was hoping for a change after a string of oral. We haven’t had “regular” sex in a week.  I am not sure why not. There is a one-third chance of each of anal, oral, or vaginal, but the vag is not coming up.  It’s just a matter of time. Meantime, I am not complaining; I am just saying…
  • 05.8.2008 – Doggy-anal, two nights in a row. Whatever.
  • 06.8.2008 – A blowjob where she used her hands and ended up with a facial. This was pretty easy. When I started to cum in her mouth, she pulled back and jerk me off onto her lips and face without really skipping a beat. Pretty nice.
  • 07.8.2008 – She must have been inspired by last night because she didn’t want to do the dice. She asked if she could just give me a handjob. I think she expected that I would ask to do another facial. I am not a big handjob fan, so I told her she needed to finish me in her mouth and swallow. She was fine with that. There’s not much to describe with a handjob. She got out some massage oil and went to work. It was nice because we did some verbal teasing, and I gave her a progress update. I told her when I was getting ready to cum. “Get ready for a mouthful,” I warned her, at which point she engulfed my cock and finished the last few strokes with her mouth until I was finished cumming in her mouth—and of course she swallowed.  Sometime, we just need a break from the dice. No complaints here.


  1. incredibly inspirational for those of us guys out there that have sex 3 times a month. A great system using the dice, but although you may think the dice are loaded, you must admit your wife’s anus, mouth, and pussy are quite loaded. Keep up the great blow by blow (literally) reporting.

    Comment by Anonymous — July 28, 2008 @ 3:21 pm | Reply

  2. Believe me, I was in your shoes. She would have sex once every six weeks or so if I didn’t try something creative. Necessity is the mother of invention.

    Comment by myfavouritelife — July 29, 2008 @ 5:58 am | Reply

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