My Favourite Life

July 30, 2008

Backseat Driver

I guess I’ll start a new post for this, but I might just return to updating the original dice post in the future. I can tell this one will be longer than a bullet point.

We broke out the dice again. She rolled the first die—would it be oral, anal, or vaginal? Anal it is.  If you have been following along—no worries; she’s quite the pro at this back door business by now. She took anal almost exclusively for the past month until about a week ago, which is when we started the dice game. It was the second die that took her aback. Would it be missionary, doggy-style, or her on top? She had to be on top. I think this might just be one of her least favourite positions, if not her absolute least favourite—well, not counting the things I am not interested in either. Psychologically, this is different for her.  She doesn’t mind being on top when we fuck, in general, but impaling her ass on my cock gives her pause. As a guy I am not sure I really understand the distinction, but I think she prefers to be a passive recipient to anal sex and not the active partner. I think I could count on one hand the number of times we have done this—mostly because of what I just mentioned.  Actually, I think it would only take three fingers if I count this time.

Well, she was reluctant but game nonetheless. She usually prefers to use her vibrator when she does anal—or at least she used to—, but lately she hasn’t asked for it. I am not sure she could have manoeuvered it anyway. I gave her a nice massage with oil to relax her and get her in the mood—well, as close to the mood as I would expect her to get. What I really wanted to do is get her asshole relaxed, so when I was ready I started massaging her ass. She loves to have her ass kneaded, and she loves it when I tongue her asshole.

After more time passed I messaged her tight little bum hole with my thumb until she was relaxed enough for my thumb to make its way into her bum—first a little and then a little further. When she loosens up even more, I started in with my fingers—one, then two, and then three, as I usually do. By the time I get to the fingers, I have started using Slippery Stuff instead of oil—much better.

When I thought she was ready, I gave her a signal. It was her turn. When I suggested she start me off with her mouth, she complied for some fraction of a minute before she climbed on top of me, lathering my cock with Slippery Stuff.  But instead of her ass, she fairly quickly worked my cock into her still-shaven pussy.  I figured this was just a temporary home, so didn’t protest. Sure enough, after a few minutes she was ready—as ready as she would ever be.

I reminded her that it shouldn’t be any different than she was already used to. She lifted herself up off of my cock and pointed my cock toward her asshole.  The anticipation was heavy.  I think I was more excited than she was nervous. I could feel the head of my cock brush her ass cheeks as she guided it to its destination. She found the right place, but she took her time as she tried to decide how much weight she had to use so as not to just ramrod herself. I could feel the head of my cock applying pressure against her asshole, but she was holding herself up. Still, it wasn’t long before I could feel that my cock was entering her. She was hyperalert, and once she my head made its way in, she paused to catch her breath—or whatever it was she was trying to catch; her nerve, I guess.

But now I was in. She readied herself and let gravity do its thing as she worked her ass down over my cock, all the way into her ass. She rested for a while letting her ass adjust to being filled. I was savouring every moment. It was bliss. After the brief respite, she started rocking her hips. This is how she fucks me when she is on top, but the angle is different so it wasn’t quite working for us. Instead, she had to kind of pogo up and down. I could tell it was a lot of work for her to manage.  She’s not horribly out of shape, but she’s no gymnast either.  It was more awkward than I remembered, but she finally found a position and a rhythm that worked for us. I thrust my hips upward to help somewhat, but I really just wanted to lay back and enjoy the ride. That’s the benefit of being on the bottom in the first place.

Well, as was inevitable the time came when I couldn’t hold back any longer and I emptied inside her bum. She gave a couple more courtesy strokes and just lay on top of me with my cock still in her ass. She was sweating and out of breath.

“Let me get my vibrator,” she said.  It is right at the head of the bed—always at the ready.  “Don’t pull out yet. I want to get myself off.” Basically, she sat up on me and leaned back a bit focusing her electric friend on her clit. It probably took her about five minutes to cum.  By the time she came, my cock was—well, let’s just say he wasn’t in any condition to penetrate much of anything if he wasn’t already in… When she came, her ass muscles pushed me out of her—and a small flood of cum.

It was a nice night.  We did something different, and I think we both had fun. The funniest thing didn’t involve last night, though.  This morning, she was sore.  She was using muscles she hadn’t used in ages—and I am not talking about her ass.  Her inner thighs were killing her.  I suggested that if she did this more often, her muscles would thank her in time.

In any case, that’s that.  We’ll see what the dice have in store tonight.  I am not sure she could take a repeat performance. 🙂

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