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August 1, 2008

Back to Sex Dice

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I added to the bottom of the Sex Dice post, just to keep things generally in one place, though I will say she rolled a blowjob. The best part about this was not the blowjob itself, but how could I complain about that?

Our bedroom is at the front of the house (on the street side at street level) with two large windows looking out (or in as the case might be), though the windows are covered with sheer curtains. We usually (read: always) draws the blinds when we are having sex.  Either she asks me to close them, or one of us just does it.  Last night, I decided not to draw the shades. She undressed herself and knelt between my legs. As she knelt there to deliver the blowjob, she glanced over at the uncovered window.  I expected her to get up and close the blinds, but she didn’t.  Neither of us said anything, and she just went to work.

If one were to look into the front bedroom windows one would see along the side of the bed.  If one were to have been looking just then, one would have gotten a nice profile view of my wife sucking my cock.  I alternated between looking at her and glancing out the window. As it turned out, no one happened by, but when she was finished, she sit up offering a perfect profile of her nice breasts, but the vision was wasted on me (well, perhaps wasted is a bit harsh).

She reclined next to me for a few minutes before we got up and continued our evening.  She didn’t bring it up, and I didn’t mention it, but there was just a little more excitement knowing that at any one moment, someone could have peeked in to enjoy a show.

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