My Favourite Life

August 9, 2008

Trouble in Paradise?

She’s getting tired of the dice game, but this was inevitable.  Of course, she still wants her Valium, so this resulted in a lengthy discussion. She has her wants and I have mine. How we both are going to get what we desire, was the topic. She said she doesn’t want to feel compelled to have sex daily to which I responded that perhaps I didn’t want to feel compelled to supply her with Valium on a daily basis either. I reminded her that I didn’t feel I needed sex on a daily basis, but this was how the deal worked out and I wasn’t complaining. For me, sex every other or third day would be fine with me but I needed her to follow through.

She said that “regular” sex should be adequate, but I told her I wanted more than that. I do enjoy regular sex, but I need some variety. To make a long story short, here’s what we decided. We would have sex every third day: one day on; two days off.

We alternate who chooses what to do, though I told her that handjobs don’t count. On her days, she can choose, for example, not to swallow or to just have regular sex, but on my turn, I get what I want. I told her that if this means I want deepthroat for all of my turns from now to whenever and I want her to swallow, then she had to live with it, and if I wanted exclusively anal during my turn, she had to deal with it. I would also have to deal with her choice of exclusively missionary or blowjobs without swallowing.  Moreover, I got my turn first. I also told her that if I want to use the dice on my turn, that was my prerogative. (Of course, why would I, since I can just name what I want.)  She agreed, thinking that time between would be preferable to her. I told her that my turn would provide her Valium for the next three days and then her days would, but if she decided to hold out, so would I, and so on.

I offered her one last chance to back out. I told her what I wanted to do because I wanted to be sure she meant what she said. I suggested we could stay with the dice or she could agree to do this: I wanted her to shave her pussy and we were going to do sixty-nine. She was going to deepthroat me and she would swallow when she was done. She was not allowed to use her hands.  She said she would do this.  Then, just to drive the point home, I reminded her that she could do what she wanted in three days, but if I wanted this each time it was my turn, she would comply.  She agreed that that was acceptable to her.

Up front, I gave her 3 Valium. I told her that was for the next 3 days and that is all she would be getting. If she took more than one and came up short, she would have to roll the dice if she wanted an advance before the next time. She agreed and took the Valium, and she popped one immediately.

She went into the bathroom and touched up her pussy in the shower. It was already pretty bald, but I didn’t want stubble. Then she came out for the real action. She got herself a glass of wine and popped another V. I reminded her again what would happen if she wanted an advance in a couple of days, but she shrugged it off. I knew this would happen.

She asked for a massage first, and so I gladly obliged her. She lay down on her stomach, and I brought out the massage oil. I rubbed her shoulders and back until I got down to her ass. I massaged around her asshole and as I worked my thumb in I told her that I would rather have her ass tonight. She didn’t bat an eye; she said if that’s what I wanted, she’d be fine though she hadn’t prepared. I told her I was only joking as I replaced my thumb with two fingers.

Now we were ready to get started. I lay on my back and she sat on my chest and worked some oil onto my cock in preparation. Then she settled her pussy back over my face and started sucking my cock. I had to remind her not to use her hands. I focused on her clit but as is usually the case with sixty-nine, I was often distracted by the sensation of her mouth on my cock. She was proceeding slowly, I could feel her trying to take me deeper and deeper until I felt that “pop” as my cock made its way into her throat—and then again and then again.  Usually in sixty-nine, I try to make her cum first (or around the same time), but this wasn’t going to happen tonight because it just felt too good. I could feel myself building up and getting ready to cum until I couldn’t hold back any longer. I wanted to tell her to go down all the way as I was cumming but I was distracted and my mouth was busy, so I just ate her more vigorously. She just took my cum in her mouth the usual way and she swallowed.

But she wasn’t done yet. She lay on me with her head between my legs and I continued to eat her. When she gives head her pussy gets exceptionally wet, which is one reason sixty-nine is so appealing in the first place. I reaped the benefits. Her clit is more difficult to find in sixty-nine, so she wanted to switch positions. We got into a typical pussy-eating position so I could finish her off, and I did. Her clit is very accessible in the usual position, and it was getting very engorged so I could take it between my lips and suck gently as I flicked it with my tongue. Soon enough she tensed and bucked her pelvis into my face as she coaxed out her orgasm. I think we were both pretty satisfied. I licked her pussy clean and cuddled beside her.

“Was it worth it?” I asked. “Definitely,” she replied. “Wanna do it again next time?” I asked. “Whatever you want.” We’ll see how it goes.

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