My Favourite Life

August 10, 2008

An Early Gift

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Here it is Sunday afternoon. I gave her three Valiums on Friday night to last her through today, but she is already out, but she isn’t supposed to get another batch until tomorrow, and of course she wants one. I reminded her that we agreed to use the dice on such occasions, but she didn’t want to. In the end we decided that what we would do is if she needed an advance I would simply get my turn again and she would get hers three days after. So, she was supposed to have Monday night, but instead we would have sex on Sunday my way and she would have her chance on Wednesday. She agreed, and I gave her three more Valiums, and she took one right away.

I asked her to get undressed and kneel on the bed as I got the Slippery Stuff and oil out of the drawer. I didn’t have to tell her what was coming. I rubbed her shoulders and the length of her back in this position working my way down to her ass. As usual, I kneaded her ass cheeks for a while before targeting her tight little hole. I relaxed her asshole with a finger massage and got it ready for a visit. Meantime, I lathered my cock with some Slippery Stuff and fucked her pussy from behind as I continued to ready her asshole.  It is interesting how tight her pussy is when she hasn’t just cum herself. Within a few stroked my cock was hard as a rock and looking for a new home. I pulled out of her pussy and slathered on some more lube and worked some lube around her asshole. I asked her to lean forward a bit. I positioned my cock at her ass entrance and I asked her to lean backward until my cock was inside her. She raised herself a bit until I was inside her and she paused. I told her I was going to remain stationary and that she was going to do the movement. We hadn’t really done that before. It was rather awkward, so I ended up grabbing ahold of her hips and controlling her rhythm and depth. Even this wasn’t working so well, so I started to thrust into her ass the usual way.

We took our time and enjoyed a nice long and slow bum fucking. The slow build-up led to a strong release. I just kept my cock in her ass for another few minutes until it got soft and feel out on its own. Then she rolled over and got out her vibrator, asking me to put some fingers in her ass until she got off. I easily worked three fingers in her ass as she brought herself to a strong bucking orgasm. We were both plenty satisfied.

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