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September 27, 2008

More Talk

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As fast as things as unfolding here, it is hard to keep this blog current. I have so much else to do, but I want to record the affair and share, which is why I started this blog in the first place. This way I can go back later and remember what was happening, and you get the benefit of my experience for better and for worse.

We have been doing a lot of communicating to establish ground rules and boundaries. It might be better to say, I have been asking for communication but the responses are lacking full disclosure. Whilst I know what is going on generally, she is being vague with the details, while trying her best to reassure me that this is just a temporary think to spice up her life, which she presumes in turn will spice up my life.

I told her what I feel I want to get out of this, hoping to capitalise on her horniness.

  1. More spontaneous sex for us
  2. More sex for us in general
  3. More exciting, less perfunctory sex, less like a chore (for her)
  4. She would keep herself shaven always
  5. I would get more anal sex

I am hoping to get away from the Valium deal and just incorporate sex into our life like “normal” couples.

She says there may be more sex and more spontaneous sex, but we would just have to see how it all plays out.  She ased if the past week’s sex was better—less perfunctory—, and I agreed it had been. As far as shaving goes, she said she thought a guy in his 20s having sex for the first time would want to fuck a pussy with hair, but she would shave for me Sunday. She want to meet this guy next weekend. If she shaves her pussy this weekend, there is no way she won’t have to shave it next weekend because by next weekned, it will just be a lot of stubble, sort of like it is this weekend because she hasn’t shaved in a week and a half or more. As for anal, it was still going to involve Valium.

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