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September 28, 2008

More Excited

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My wife tells me that I am more excited about her having an affair than she is. She says it is just a fling and she isn’t really that excited.  She sees it more as giving this guy a mercy fuck and adding some spice into her life.  Of course I read right through this. What she is really trying to do is downplay everything and transfer her guilt (she was raised Christian) to me for allow this to happen. If that makes her feel more comfortable, so be it.  She is also trying to promote the chance that the three of us could get together for a menage-à-trois. She says that, I think, because she feels I am insecure through this and by including me I will feel more secure.  I told her flat out that this is her affair. If I never meet this guy, it wouldn’t bother. If I did, I can certainly imagine what we could do together.

As for me, I am excited. As a typical guy, I have no difficulty whatsoever separating sex from intimacy. The combination is wonderful, but unlike women’s conceptions, guys don’t need the two together and we’ll trade off intimacy for sex pretty readily.

As I started to write, I am excited. My mind is racing in several directions. My first consideration is how I can benefit from this, just as she is considering what she will get out of it. She says the way she sees it, she is using him to break of her routine day. I told her I think that as this point he is getting the best deal, she is benefiting, and I am still figuring out how I am going to benefit.  So it is not as it I am not getting any benefits, but to put this into perspective, I might imagine dividing up a whole cake.  He is easily getting 50% of the cake, if not more. She is getting maybe 40%, and I feel I am getting 10%. So, to out it this way, at least I am getting a piece of the cake. (I guess I feel that he is getting the frosting, too.)

So from some perspectives, you might be asking why I would feel a 20-something would be getting such a big slice of cake involving a 50-something. His piece includes 30+ years of sexual experience—not just 30+ years of life, but actually sexual experience.  She doesn’t just sort of know what to do; she knows exactly what to do and how to do it.  It will take him a long time to find someone to match her skills.

Of course you may feel I am just saying that because I am her husband, but I have been with so many women through my own sexual experiences, I’ll tell you flat out that she excels sexually in every department. I know there are a lot of women who feel they might excel—and I have heard several through out the years that they tell me, for example, “Everyone tells me I give the best head” or whatever. I even had one girl as a recommendation from her bi-girlfriend and a mutual guy friend. Let me just say that it was nothing to write home about. My point is that my wife is a sexual pro—well, without the paycheque. 🙂

My wife is nervous that he will be shocked when he sees that she is so much older than her. She does look less than her age, but on a good day that would bring her down to about 45, still pretty old for a 20-year-old.  Here, she is worries about rejection. And if you can’t read between the lines here, her being rejected is not going to do anything positive for our sex life.

The good news—or am I only rationalising—is that the first time they meet in person, he’d likely fuck any willing female. (Men!) And although he will have had a taste of the good life, he might be reluctant to meet again because of this age. To her benefit, the rendez-vous will be secret, and since no one will be any the wiser, he can feel comfort in this. Also, since he has no other sexual outlets other than Rosie and her five sisters, chances are he’ll come back for more.

My wife is also concerned about the chemistry. The guy is a Christian. Don’t ask me about the pre-martial sex thing. I don’t have a hang-up with that, but I was under the impression that Christians consider that to be problematic. So, if he is a Christian and a virgin who can’t close the deal when it comes to getting laid except in the context of a mercy fuck, she feels that the anticipation will far outweigh the execution. She feels that he will probably by nervous and awkward. She says his chat is like that. He doesn’t know what to say and how to deliver. He rather parrots lines he has heard elsewhere. In a nutshell, we refer to this guy (affectionately, of course) as Ned Flanders, Homer Simpson’s Christian neighbour. If Ned turns you on, then you don’t know what I am talking about. Anyway, we’ll see where the energy goes after the first tryst.

My wife tells me not to worry because despite these things, she thinks there is a high probability that the three of us will get together. If they have a second meeting at all, it will be the three of us. She is looking forward to it, and she discussed how it might play out. The things she mentioned in particular were:

  1. Sucking us both off, alternating between our cocks
  2. Sucking me off as he fucks her ass (of course, I want the ass end, so she is missing a point)
  3. Being fucked in the ass and the pussy (She says I could have her ass in this arrangement)

Now, I have done the DP thing a couple of times. I have to say it is not for beginners, but we can see how it goes.  She also mentioned having him watch us have sex, but she doesn’t know if she would actually be that comfortable and wasn’t sure she could cum with an audience.  She still finds it difficult to masturbate without a vibrator and cum with me watching—though the vibrator is able to coax an orgasm every time.

Well, it is Sunday morning, and I have things to do.  She has said she is going to be shaving today, so I have that to look forward to. She talked with WarDaddy last night after midnight. I’ll be interested to hear how that went. Meantime, Ive got a hard-on looking for a home. That’ll have to wait until this afternoon. <sigh>

I know I have so much to say with so much going on. I’ll try to keep this up to date the best I can given all of my other commitments.  Speaking of which, I have other commitments right now…

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