My Favourite Life

September 30, 2008

Pictures at Eleven

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My wife is afraid that she may have set expectations for this guy way to high.  They have never seen each other, save for a single photo of one another on MySpace. Being as he is only 20, his photo is up to date. It is a shot of him and his portly virgin “girlfriend.”  Don’t ask me how someone can have a girlfriend who doesn’t put out. I thought the definition of a girlfriend contained the requirement of sex.  Maybe that is just my definition. Her photo is about 10 years old. Even then, she was mid-fourty-something.

She is afraid he will be dissapointed once they meet. She will have gotten a hotel room for the night, and he will have driven soem 3 hours with another 3 hour return trip in store. We both agree that given his history he (1) would fuck her regardless what she looked like, and (2) will still want to fuck her even when she does send the picture. I guess it is a matter of full disclosure.

So my evening is set. She is getting prepared, so we can take some nude shots and send him some copies.  I’ll take some extras for myself. We have some nudes that were taken within the past year or so, but she wants new ones. We’ll even use the date-time stamp, so he can see the freshness date. I am looking forward to it. Obviously, she will pick out the most flattering ones, but at least he’ll get a taste of things to cum.

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