My Favourite Life

October 1, 2008


We took some nude photos last night and sent some nice ones to WarDaddy. I went to bed around 11. After she sent them to him by email, she logged into WoW; He looked at them, and said he was excited to really meet, but that’s where it all fell apart.

He was busy in a battleground, and he didn’t have time to chat until later, but that was only after he ran an instance—all WoW-speak, so don’t mind if you don’t get it.

My wife came in and woke me around midnight to tell me about his behaviour, and so we talked for while. She really wanted it to work out, and she was dissappointed that under the circumstances he was ignoring her. The way she sees it, he had the option of getting real-world pussy or engaging in online warfare. It’s no wonder he’s still a virgin.

We talked and she said she was over it. She was not going to meet him on Saturday and has no other online interests. I was fondling and messaging he as we talked. She got up to leave, and I gave her a hard reassuring kiss, and cupped her weighty breasts, reaching down to her shaven pussy. I decided I needed to kiss her pussy, too, so I ate her for about 20 minutes while she continued talking. She was too upset and distracted to cum, but I enjoyed myself.

C’est la vie. C’est la guerre.

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  1. aw shucks. no more stories about this.

    c’est la vie indeed – but thanks for posting all this stuff dude 🙂

    Comment by jon — October 1, 2008 @ 8:06 pm | Reply

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