My Favourite Life

October 2, 2008

It’s On!

No, I am not talking about that Korn song. I guess time changes everything. My wife decided to overlook WarDaddy’s transgression, and so she has booked a hotel room for Saturday night, but there have been some minor changes.

I got hom around 11 last night and was getting ready for bed when she came in and said, “So, I have decided I still want to meet WarDaddy afterall. I think I overreacted last night.”

I told her I wasn’t in the mood right then to discuss it, and that I wasn’t willing to give my approval. My mind was in a different state.  She told me I was too tired, and that I needed to rest and think about about it before giving an answer, and she impressed that she really wanted to get together with him.

I went to bed, and she left the room. Five minutes later or so, she came back into the bedroom. “How about this?” she says. “I’ll let you fuck me in the ass on Sunday if you let me meet him on Saturday.” She knows how much I have been asking for that.  Our Valium shipment got lost in the post or something, so we have been without lately…plus the company won’t reply to our emails. Fuckers!

I told her that I still wasn’t in the mood to discuss it, but probably not. Again, as she left she told me to get some rest. An hour passed, and she came into bed. “Have you been sleeping?” she asked. “Nope. I don’t think so, but I am so tired.” “Would a blowjob help you get to sleep?” “I am still not in the mood to discuss the weekend,” I told her. “But do you want me to suck your dick? It’ll help you relax.” “Of course. What am I going to say, no?”

So, she started by giving me a handjob with vanilla oil for a couple of minutes, and then she went down on me and gave me a very slow and methodical blowjob. When I came, I could feel the tension leaving my body, though I was still tense.

“Get some sleep,” she said as she left once again. “I still want to see WarDaddy, but if you are not OK with it, then I won’t. I don’t want to do this if you are not OK with it. I love you.”

To make a long story longer, I fell asleep quickly thereafter. When I awoke, I was thinking about it. I kissed her before I left for work, and we didn’t mention it again until I had a chance to call her after lunch.

You have my permission to met this guy on Saturday afternoon between 4 PM and 8 PM. You do not have my permission to meet him again without further discussion. I thanked her for her blowjob, and I told her that I was going to take her up on her anal offer on Sunday, but there was more.

I told her to go and indulge herself and not hold anything back, and I told her to take as much time as she felt she needed…but there were a couple strings attached. The first string is that although I was fine with her being as late as she wants, for each 10-minute interval after 8 PM on Saturday night, she had to shave her pussy on consecutive Sundays before we have sex. That’s 6 per hour. This means that if she gets home at 8:01, she owes me one shave; at 8:11, she oews me 2; at 9:01, she owes me 6; and at 10:01, she would owe me a dozen consecutive Sundays of shaving.  She laughed and said she thought this was a strange offer, but she was up for it. I guess the real problem is that although she likes to be shaven, she doesn’t like shaving.  I hope she is just a little bit late.

Then there are a second condition. For each remaining Sunday in 2008, she is going to roll the sex dice and take what they deliver. She was also fine with this arrangement.

So, here is how it is. We’ll see how it all continues to play out. I’ll keep writing here as time allows.

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