My Favourite Life

October 4, 2008

Elvis Has Left the Building

It’s time. I just got home, and we talked for about ten minutes, and she was off. She was home taking a bath, shaving, and getting drunk. She was noticeably nervous but excited.

I had been out, so she asked me to pick up some Altoids to settle her stomach—and of course have them available for the ultimate in oral pleasure. She said she was kind of freaking out a little bit thinking that with a sour stomach that she hoped he didn’t cum too much or taste bad, but that’s also what the Altoids are for.

When I arrived home, she already had her car packed for her tryst save for some odds and ends. She put the Altoids in her purse, and  we talked for a few minutes, but she was eager to get going. She made sure to tell me that she was freshly shaven and hoped they would at least have enough chemistry to follow through on their plans. She is still afraid that he will find her too old. My guess is that she is older than his mum, so that might really freak him out. She is hoping he is not too dweeby—after all, they did meet on World of Warcraft.

Her goal is to get him off thrice. She will suck his cock early on, take a break until he can get it up to fuck her, and then hopefully he can get it up a third time so she can take it doggy-style. He had been talking about eating her pussy, and she might let him, but there is no much worse than a guy floundering around trying to figure out how to eat a pussy. Plus, she doesn’t cum very well when she’s upset or nervous.

She started to say that maybe I could help her cum when she gets home, but thought the better of it. She said it freaks her out thinking of me going down on her after some guy has just deposited a couple of loads into her. I kissed her full lips, and I reminded her that within a couple of hours, she would have them wrapped around a new cock coaxing him to climax.

As I tend to do, I fondled her bum and told her I couldn’t wait for tomorrow so I could make full use of her ass. She said she was more excited about that than what she was about to do. Empty words, perhaps; but she was trying to reassure me, I’m sure.

I reached down her pants to feel her shaven pussy, and it was as smooth as I had expected; though when I run my finger along her pussy, she wasn’t even wet.

I walked her to the front door, and gave her one last kiss. I told her to enjoy herself, and just let go, and I told her to take her time. Midnight would not be too soon, if you read my last post.

Well, I am not going to give a minute-by-minute play-by-play. Besides, until she gets home, I have nothing to write about. But I shall…

EDIT: 16:03 She called and is checked into the room. She still has about 30 minutes until he arrives, so she is setting the ambiance with some scented candles.

EDIT: 16:33 She called again to say he has arrived and is really short. She thinks she might have to get much drunker to do anything. She call back in a bit to check in.

EDIT: 17:07 She called again and says he is a nice guy but a real nerd. They spent the first half hour looking over a WoW Collector’s Edition picture book. <sigh> He is taking a shower, and she is changing into a negligée.  When he gets out, she is going to give him a blowjob. Then she figures they’ll chat for a while and order room service. After dinner, she’ll let him fuck her, and then she’ll make her way home.  At this rate, it doesn’t sound like he’ll be able to keep her out past 8:00, so my shaving scheme doesn’t look like it will come to fruition. Oh well: you win some; you lose some.

EDIT: 17:13 She called again: one down; one to go. WarDaddy has successfully received has first blowjob. As expected, he came in about a minute, but who’s counting. She said that she figured he would cum quickly, so she just went for it and didn’t hold back.  She said she thought about doing it slowly to give him more time to build up, but in the end, she thought, “Why drag it out?” She ordered dinner, and then they plan to fuck. We presume he’ll be able to get it up again. It doesn’t sound like she’ll be trying for three tonight, and she didn’t seem all that keen at having him eat her. We’ll see. I’ll be back in a few. She expects to call at least once more before she leaves. I am still holding out some hope that she arrives home late.  Maybe I should ask her to pick something up for me on the way home. 🙂

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