My Favourite Life

October 4, 2008

First Night

She is back from her affair. She was gone from about 3:30 to just past 8:30 this evening, and then we talked bout it until about 11:00. She had a good time and would do it again, but she has pretty much gotten it out of her system. She enjoyed the things that she thought she could, like taking his virginity and giving him some experience, but otherwise it was nothing to write home about…though I’ll write here about it anyway.

I gave a play-by-play as she phone in, but after the last EDIT, I didn’t hear from her again until she walk through the front door, and she filled me in on the details.

She got there around 4:00, and he arrived around 4:30. They made small talk and looked at a WoW CE picture book for about half an hour. She asked him to take a quick shower, and she slipped into a negligée. She told him it was OK to come out with a towel. When he did come out in his towel, she asked him to lay on the bed face down so she could give him a back rub with oil. Evidently he was moaning throughout the back rub as much as if he were having sex then. After about five minutes she asked him if he was ready for a blow job. He rolled over and she went right to work. He was about 6 inches and not very thick, but she said she was fine with that. He came in under 2 minutes, but that was expected being his first sexual encounter with a woman. My wife said he had been talking with her about how much cum he was going to flood her with, but there wasn’t much.  She figured he probably couldn’t keep his hands off himself, so he released before they met. She knows he jerked of the night before.

After this, they talked some more, and he showed her his WoW characters—how romantic. Then she ordered room service. She had some rib eye, and he had a Club sandwich with fries. They ate and unwound a bit more until she figured he was ready for a second round. Of course he was. She led him back into the bedroom and snuggled on the bed.  She said she tried to kiss him, but he couldn’t even do that much more than a peck, so she didn’t push it. He had mentioned wanting to go down on her when they had chatted online, so she asked if he wanted to give it a go. He wasn’t comfortable with that in person. She told him to feel her pussy, but he was too modest or something, so she had to physically take his hand and give him a Braille guided tour of her pussy. She said he barely made eye contact, and averted his eyes from her body. Stupid Christians.

She managed to guide his hand to her clit and told him what he was feeling. Then, as her story went, she practically has to wrestle his hand to her vaginal opening. “That’s where you need to put your cock.” Since he had just come, she prepared herself for a nice long screw. He tried to engage in some ritual foreplay, but she said it was very awkward. He tried to suck on her nipples, but it more akin to a bird pecking feed. She was ready. “Put it in,” she said. “Can you help put it in?” was his response. And she helped guide him into her pussy. Well, as it turned out, she said he might have lasted ten strokes until he came again. So much for the pre-fire, but he was now really not a virgin. My wife says she thinks he’ll be lucky if he can get laid within the next two years.

They returned to Wow, moving from the First Collector’s Edition art books to the Second Edition, and he showed off more of his characters. She suggested they use the Jacuzzi, and he tagged right along. She thought they could relax and try for at least once more. I guess it was less than relaxing, as it was filled with a dozen kids, but it was warm and she felt the chlorine would sanitise them somewhat.

When they returned to the room, she suggested they rinse off the chlorine in the shower. He had designs on shower sex, but she told him that it was tough enough for experienced couples, and the water added complexity to the whole deal. She held him in the shower, but in stead of a nice embrace, he just stood there limp as a wet noodle, though she realised his cock was ready again, so she knew just the thing for that.

She led him back to the bed and sucked his cock but not for too long because she didn’t want a quick-draw experience again. He timidly thought it would be a nice idea if she was on top, so she rode him for about five minutes. This was working a little better, she thought, but she decided to finish him off with her mouth again. She said this time was much better. She sucked him off more slowly this time, and spent time sucking his balls and licking him all over. He got him to cum once more, and they went back to WoW. It’s no wonder this guy can’t get laid except through some mercy fuck.

By now it was almost 8. She didn’t want to have to pay off her shaving debt, but she was debating going for four. By this time she thought it would be past nine before he’d be ready to cum again. She didn’t mind waiting, but she didn’t want to end up shaving half way into next year, so she left just before 8.

She got in just after 8:30, which for me means she’ll be shaving at least 4 times in the near future. And then she gave me all of the details you just read. We laughed and talked about how weird it was. She paid for everything: the room, the ambiance, and the dinner. She said he didn’t even bring her a small token gift or a flower. On the other hand, it took him about 4 hours to get there. If there is a next time, he will have to spring for the costs. While she is up for it conceptually, she doesn’t feel it is likely to happen. If it does, you’ll read about it here.

After we were done talking, she was talking about how frustrated she was that she hadn’t cum, so I pulled out her vibrator from under the bed where it is always plugged in and ready for action. She said she would rather have me eat her. She said since she had had a Jacuzzi since he came inside of her, she thought it would not be too weird for her, though she had been riding his cock not a couple of hours earlier. I pulled one leg of her pants off, leaving the other leg in place, and I went to work. Her pussy was extra wet and warm, but as horny as she was, she couldn’t cum. After some 10 -15 minutes she asked if I was getting tired, but I told her I could eat her past minute, to just lay back, relax, and take her time. She leaned up to watch me eat her, but then she settled back and put a pillow over her face. When she finally came it wasn’t a big orgasm, but it was a long rolling one. When she was done, I put her ankles up around her head, and I ate out her ass hole. “That’s where I am going tomorrow,” I reminded her. “I know, and I can’t wait.”

She told me she’d like me to fuck her and fill her up. She said she didn’t feel very filled with him. But she didn’t want me to fuck her because (1) she wanted me to be more excited for tomorrow, and (2) it might take me longer to cum tomorrow if I came tonight. I can wait.

Anyway, we both feel positive on balance about the way the evening turned out. We’ll see what happens next. One can never tell.

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