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October 10, 2008

Best of Breed

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Last night was nice after a hectic start. My wife has been pretty moody lately, so my hopes for sex weren’t very high.  Despite this, we got some time to be together.

Our son was still doing homework, so there was a high probability of being interrupted. She said she wanted a foot rub and then she would give me a blowjob. I did give her a foot rub, but when she said she was ready, I pulled down her pants and started eating. (She offered no resistance.) I ate her nice and especially slowly, and she came nicely after a long time. Immediately after she came, came a knock on the door—so much for the afterglow.

Our son said he was done with his homework and wanted to be logged into the computer.  I was still dressed, so I went out to find he still had plenty more to do. He feigned ignorance but went back to work, as did I. Unbeknown to him, I logged him in just in case he finished before we were.

So, after the buzz-kill, we tried to get back into the mood for my turn. We talked a bit more. She had turned out the lights in my absence. She decided to use some cinnamon-ylang ylang massage creme when she gave me head. It sounded like it wouldn’t taste so good, but she actually loved it, and she liked the way it felt on her lips when she was sucking me off. What can I say?

She started slowly sucking the head of my cock. This usually means she just wants me to cum quickly and get it over with, which is fine sometimes anyway.  This time she switched it into a regular blowjob, but she still wasn’t finished. With each stroke she took my cock deeper and deeper, deliberately teasing me with the prospect of deepthroat, and then she did that. She alternated between deepthroat and regular head. When I was ready to cum, I told her to go all the way down, and she did—at least for the first couple of squirts.

When we were done I told her how awesome it was—and I don’t throw around praise without meaning it. Even though she is undeniably a blowjob queen, she even surpassed herself. When we were talking afterwards, she said she still didn’t understand what the big deal was with deepthroat.

So I thought about it and reflected on the past ten minutes or so. I told her that I felt is was the fact that I could at the same time feel her lips on my cock and the head of my cock was getting stimulation in her throat. That was it. And this is different from her pussy, which is more like a fleshy sleeve along the length of my cock, and from her ass, which is more like a ring around my cock, as if you made your thumb and forefinger into a ring (like an OK sign) only better.

I think she understood, but I know she ask again. She always has, just as she does when she asks why I like anal sex so much, too.


  1. When a woman makes contact with your cock inside her mouth as well as with her lips, she is concentrating on being a master cocksucker . . . and you are a very lucky man.

    Comment by merlin17 — October 10, 2008 @ 11:12 pm | Reply

  2. Merlin,

    I know I am lucky in this regard. That is one of the reasons I share my experiences in this blog when I have the time. As you can also read, all is not wine and roses. I take the good with the bad—the better with the worse.

    Comment by myfavouritelife — October 11, 2008 @ 5:52 am | Reply

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