My Favourite Life

October 14, 2008

Best Laid Plans

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After a quickie the other, my wife and I were talking. She really wants to fuck WarDaddy again. She says she still has so much to teach him.  They are on speaking terms and still flirt online, but he is satisfied for the short term.  his first goal was to get laid and get rid of that virginity curse.  Now that this has happened, he has less urgency to get laid again—especially when it means a 4 hour drive each direction and he will need to chip into the costs. In all, it cost us around $250 for the tryst, but we could probably get that down to under $150. Nonetheless, this is still expensive for a college kid living in an efficiency apartment.

She can tell he is still interested, but he isn’t yet motivated enough to get past these barriers. But since he is still dating his frigid, virgin girlfriend he’ll eventually get horny again for real pussy. My wife teases the shit out of him to try to accelerate that process, but I don’t know how much inertia he has to overcome. She reminds him of what they did when they were together and suggests the many things he still hasn’t done.

She gave him head twice, and they fucked twice, although the second time ended with a blowjob. Before they met he was rambling on about wanting to do a facial, but she swallowed both times. He seemed excited about doing anal, but she didn’t want to allow that his first time. He also mentioned deepthroat, but he was lucky to keep pace with a regular blowjob, so she is still pushing that, especially as she has been practicing on me lately. And although he was talking big about eating pussy, he could barely bring his hand to touch it, even with firm guidance from her. On top of all this, she reminded him that they could do a three-way. In addition to sucking two guys off at once, she is really interested in the whole double-penetration thing: dp sandwich (vaginal-anal), vaginal-oral, and oral-anal, but this might be too advance for him, we think.

Whatever happens happens.

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