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January 12, 2009

The Game Is Afoot

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So, I am back again. My sex life hasn’t picked up any momentum, but perhaps I’ve got something to write about. Sunday is sex day at our house. It’s not that the sex is bad, but once a week is not enough. I started with a massage as I usually do, and I spent a lot of time massaging her ass. After a while she said, “I wish your cock was smaller, so we could do anal more often. I really enjoy anal, but you are too big. I’d say you were bigger than 75 to 80 percent of guys out there.” Well, what can I say? I reminded her we still have some Valium in the house for such purposes. In the end I told her that I’d leave it up to her but that I am always willing whenever she is.

When I was done with the massage, she rolled over so I could eat her. She was full of compliments, and she said that she really ought to shave again one of these days. Of course I agreed. Along the way, she mentioned talking to WarDaddy and discussing the lack of “spark” in our marriage. I attribute it to her being depressed, but I just listened. I ate her until she came, and we fucked nicely as she continued with the compliments.

Since she mentioned WarDaddy, I thought I might review some of her chat logs. Sure enough, she was getting hot and heavy in chat. In between the sex chat, he mentioned how he would like to hook up with her again in real life. She agreed but she said something along the lines of, “I don’t know why, but I’d be uncomfortable asking my husband again.” Of course the “why” is that before I was satisfied with our sex life, so extra-marital sex was fine. But under our current arrangement, all is not well. That she can barely eek out one day a week does not bode well.

In the transcript she was telling him the middle of last week how much she would like to feel him in her ass. He suggested she just slip out and rendez-vous, but she countered that that would be suspicious because she doesn’t go out for extended periods, and staying someplace overnight would be even more so. She mentioned that I have a standing engagement one Saturday afternoon a month for several hours—from about 2 to 6 or 7. I’ll be away the 17th and they could meet then, but that she didn’t want to be sneaking around. She said she could ply me with special sexual favours. Obviously, this is why she was broaching shaving and anal sex—at least that’s what I’m thinking.

So, I read some subsequent chats, and they are still on a converging course, but they are running out of time to plan it for this coming Saturday. Besides, he is worried about the time involved and is pushing her to meet halfway. Of course given the window of time, this would seriously eat up their time. It’s about 4 hours a direction, so even if they met halfway (and given that I might be absent for as much as 5 hours), that would leave 4 hours for travel and an hour to be together. Not great logistics. If I were him, I’d plan to get to her house around just after 2:00—2:30—, and stay till 5:00 or 6:00 incase I returned home early. Of course, this would entail 4 hours of driving up and another 4 back for him, and I gauge that this is not something he looks forward to, even if getting some pussy for the first time since October was the goal.

In any case, there is much up in the air. We’ll see how it all unfolds. I may just fall flat on its face. Time will tell. At least I have something to write here. And so it goes…

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