My Favourite Life

January 14, 2009

And the Saga Continues…

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She she broached the subject last night: “WarDaddy and I have been talking about getting together again. I am not really that interested, but it would be a nice break for me. What do you think?”

I told her I was uncomfortable with the idea, to which she asked what was the difference between now and then. Well, she asked, and so I responded, and if you have been following along, you should be able to anticipate my response: In October, I was satisfied with our sex life. This is no longer true. Simple. Period.

She asserted that once a week should be plenty, and I countered that it wasn’t enough. As even twice a week is a compromise on my part, but at least I can deal with that—sort of.  She though a bit (and we bantered). She didn’t ask again to meet him, but she agreed to having sex twice a week, in her words, “even if I just lay down and you can screw me.” So, I admit that’s not great, but at this point I’ll take what I can get.

And the saga continues…

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