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January 16, 2009

A Quick Update

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My wife is telling WarDaddy to be patient, that she really wants to meet him again and will gently ply me with her womanly ways. So, whilst this is true in a manner of speaking, it doesn’t seem like this slow-drip technique would be very effective for action on Saturday. It feels more like a Hail Mary! Something along the lines of “If I can meet WarDaddy, I’ll shave and let you screw me in the ass.” The problem with this is she was already talking about that independent of WarDaddy, so in reality I wouldn’t be getting anything, just, perhaps, sooner. The other problem is that whatever it is, I need to get it beforehand because she is not very good about following through and especially not in a timely manner. If it’s up-front, that is no longer an issue. As always, we’ll see how it plays out…

EDIT: I was reading some more logs, and she is planning to talk intimately with WarDaddy tonight when I take our son to karate. We are only away for an hour and a half or two, but that’s enough time to chat. I told her about the rescheduling of tomorrow’s meeting, so she knows about that. And so it goes…

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