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January 22, 2009

Out of Touch

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I have been out of touch here for a few days, but things are still up in the air and with a twist. As I have said, WarDaddy is 19, and he turns 20 on January 31. His parents are putting him up in an apartment and giving him $600 a month to cover utilities and incidental costs. Well, it turns out that he stopped taking classes and is not currently working. His parents are upset at his inability to “get going,” so they took away his computer. This puts a crimp in his style and is fueling his depression.

My wife and he are still trying to arrange a meeting, so last night she asks if I would mind having WarDaddy visit “for a few days.” I told her that I wouldn’t be comfortable with the idea for a host of reasons, most of which I have mentioned here already, but mostly revolves around our own tenuous relationship and the rest about the prospect of having a depressed and unemployed house guest. Who know how long a few days might be?

The last time I fell for the “few days” line was with my first wife, when she invited her birth mother to stay with us. “A few days” turned into a few months, and it was hell. We finally got rid of her.

So my wife asked if I was jealous, to which I responded that I am not, but that as we discussed previously, if I felt we were on track, it wouldn’t be an issue, the living arrangements not withstanding. She said that this would probably boost our sex life and inject some excitement into her life. I also told her that our son would probably pick up on the dynamics pretty quickly, and that wouldn’t be so hot. She said that she could be discrete, but I know her better than that.

Then she tried to play the “hot sex” card. She said that if I was worried that she could promise that she would never have sex with him without me also participating trying to bait me with the prospects of three ways, of how we could do this and that, how I could take her ass, and how she could watch her in action. Still, I am not buying it.

I am not sure how this will all play out, but I know she is still scheming.

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