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February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday

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Long time no see. I’ve been unbelievable busy. What recession? It must be related to all of the other people they’ve let go around here.

So besides work, much has happened. When I last wrote, my wife was planning to hook up with WarDaddy on his birthday. As it turned out, she did. They hooked up in Milwaukee, but it was fairly underwhelming.

She drove up from Chicago, and he drove in from the Wisconsin suburbs, where they planned to rendez-vous at a hotel for the night. She got there first and prepared for the evening. She took a bath to relax and shaved her pussy freshly before settling in to watch a movie in the room whilst she waited.

Halfway into the movie he showed up. It was just awkward, and there was no excitement like the first time. Evidently, this guy has absolutely nothing going on, and all he can talk about is World of Warcraft and household chores. My wife called me from the corridor to tell me how slow things were going and that she was waiting for room service. They hadn’t “done” anything yet, and he wasn’t making any moves.

After dinner when she asked what he wanted to do, he said he wanted to watch another movie. (My hero.) And so they did. My wife called me after the movie and said she was thinking she would just drive back home. Since it was his birthday, she wanted to give him a blowjob first, and that’s what she did.

She told him that our son was worried about her, so she would be not be staying the night. He was disappointed, but she told him that she would still suck his cock before she left. She didn’t even undress. She undid his buckle and jeans, pulling them down to his ankles, sat him in a chair, and went down on him. He came quickly, and she made a big deal to swallow for him.

That was it. She arranged her belongings, and started on her three-hour journey home. She called me a couple of time along her way to check in and tell me what had happened, but over all, she was disappointed. Unlike the previous time they met and she was extra horny, she was a few levels below bored, so nothing happened between us after she arrived home at about 10 PM. At least the following day, I got to enjoy her shaven pussy.

I am pretty sure she has no intentions of hooking up with WarDaddy again.

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