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March 13, 2009

WarDaddy’s New Squeeze

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Interesting: So WarDaddy has a new girlfriend. At least he went out on a “date” with a 20-year-old single mom with a 15-month-old daughter. It sounds like trouble to me, but it’s none of my business. My wife spoke with him on the phone both before and after. His recounting of the so-called date was having fun chasing the daughter for 90 minutes of the 2-hour date. Sounds like a blast.

A rule of thumb is don’t date single moms. Although on the surface, it might seem like a no-brainer: she puts out…or she did at least once…, so she’ll probably put out for me, too.

Bad logic: This is a specious train of thought, or perhaps just incomplete. Whilst it is true that she has put out, it also follows that she had the child. This is not a trait you want in a woman with whom you are just looking for sex. It may be fine if you are looking for a longer-term life partner, but this is not somthing a 20-year-old should be doing, especially a 20-year-old with no job, not in school, and no prospects (or even ideas) for the future.

Pictures at eleven.

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